The spectacular assortment of tables and other works found at Unique Live Edge Tables in Mentor will blow you away

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The Unique Live Edge Tables showroom in Mentor has pieces ready to go. Photography: Adrienne Rose

By Mary Malik

\Don’t you miss shopping? I mean that in-person, take-your-time, touch-the-items, feel-the-quality, even meet-the-owner and enjoy-the-experience kind of shopping. You just don’t get that online.

When investing in a quality piece of furniture for your home, you’ll get no better shopping experience than the one at Unique Live Edge Tables in Mentor.

“People love coming in because it’s beautiful here,” says co-owner Diana Wilson. “It heightens the senses when you see and feel the beauty of these natural wood tables. Your imagination runs wild with ideas of what you can do in your home. People come in thinking they know what they want and then see what can be done with live edge and it opens a whole new world.”

Unique Live Edge offers ready-to-purchase, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind, all-wood and wood/epoxy resin river tables of every type, including sofa/console, coffee, end, kitchen and dining, pub, bar tops, benches and more. Charcuterie boards and wall art round out the collection here, where your visit can include a conversation with co-owner, artisan and creator of every piece Bruce Hanusosky.

“Bruce loves talking with customers, explaining his process and planning custom items for their homes,” says Diana. “Many customers are remodeling or downsizing, starting fresh and want to surround themselves with quality works of art they will enjoy looking forever, rather than temporary, disposable furniture.”

Diana says live edge can fit any style of décor, from rustic to contemporary. And Unique Live Edge is the only place in the area where you can walk in, buy a live edge piece of any size and type and walk out with it on the same day. Most suppliers only do large, custom-order pieces that take months to deliver. “Our pieces have to be seen to be believed, appreciated and enjoyed. It’s a true shopping experience,” she notes.

Unique Live Edge gift certificates make perfect wedding gifts that can be used for both in-store and custom order purchases.

Unique Live Edge Tables is located at The Matchworks Building, 8500 Station St., Suite 103 in Mentor. Find more information and store hours at, Facebook and Instagram. For an appointment call Diana Wilson at 440-226-0447 or