The Sinick Family Dental team invites you to fall in love with your smile

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Dr. Jessica Sinick and Dr. Christopher Sinick, of Sinick Family Dental, are embarking on an ambitious smile makeover plan for anyone who wants to fall in love with their smile. Find out how you can get started. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Beth Newcomb

For those with gorgeous teeth (like the happy couple pictured left, Dr. Christopher Sinick and Dr. Jessica Sinick, owners of Sinick Family Dental), flashing a sensational smile for the camera is as easy as saying cheese.

“When your smile looks great, you automatically show it to the world without a second thought,” says Dr. Jessica. “But when you’re missing teeth, have crooked teeth, or your smile isn’t as bright as it could be, you actually have to put some effort into concealing it.”

“It isn’t only challenging trying to find a way to cover your smile, but it can also affect your whole outlook on life and how everyone else sees you,” adds Dr. Christopher.

“Not long ago, we did a smile makeover on a patient. She was ecstatic about the results and you could see her whole personality change immediately. A few months later she told us she had gotten a promotion at work and was much more outgoing and social in her daily life. She directly attributed her promotion and new outlook on life to the confidence she now has from her new smile. That is what makes what we do so enjoyable.”

The doctors have embarked on an ambitious plan to help as many people as they possibly can do exactly that.

“No more covering your mouth when you speak or keeping your lips clamped tight during photo ops,” Dr. Jessica states. “We want to help you let it shine.”

In addition to smile makeover options like implants, veneers, whitening and more, Dr. Jessica Sinick and Dr. Christopher Sinick, of Sinick Family Dental, offer general dentistry for patients of all ages.

The majority of procedures are covered by insurance, and all can be performed in the cozy environment of the Sinick Family Dental office, including implants, which Dr. Jessica spent a whole year of additional training learning how to offer to her patients.

“Everyone who wants to fall in love with their smile again is invited to schedule a consultation, which includes our exclusive digital smile makeover,” Dr. Christopher announces.

What he’s referring to is the doctors’ in-house digital imaging program that allows patients to see exactly how their smile will look after any procedure. “It’s just added peace of mind,” Dr. Jessica says. “And we’ll gladly work within your budget.”

Choose Your Makeover Method
The doctors have assembled a comprehensive list of smile makeover options from which to choose. Which you elect to go with to turn the wattage up on your pearly whites is entirely up to you, they say.

  1. Implants – Typically functional but additionally cosmetic, implants most closely mimic the look, feel and performance of regular teeth. They are permanently secured in the mouth and are cared for just as you would your other natural teeth. More and more insurance carriers are covering implants, and the Sinick Family Dental team can review your benefits to see if your provider covers them.
  2. VeneersIf you have old or discolored bonding in your mouth, or you have chipped, cracked or discolored teeth, veneers are an excellent choice. A porcelain overlay is affixed to natural teeth, which doesn’t stain and can create a more uniform look. Veneers can even correct minor flaws, like spacing and tooth size.
  3. Bridge A bridge is constructed to replace a missing tooth or teeth and is attached to adjacent permanent teeth. You can typically replace one or two missing teeth with a bridge.
  4. Partial A partial replaces three or more missing teeth and is considered a denture. It fills in the space where teeth are missing and attaches to your natural teeth with a clasp and sometimes can be attached to an implant.
  5. Invisalign Typically the adult braces method of choice, Invisalign can straighten teeth without metal wires or brackets. Plastic trays are created to move teeth and are replaced every week or so. Invisalign is considered the gold standard in non-metal orthodontic care.
  6. WhiteningSinick Family Dental is one of the few providers in Northeast Ohio to offer the Kor method of in-office teeth whitening. Starting at just $150, patients can elect a take-home, professional-strength whitening option, or the Kor method, which can remove tough stains like those left behind from medications or decades of coffee, tea or red wine.
  7. Silver Filling Removal A simple way to change your smile and also preserve your health is by having your silver (amalgam) fillings removed and replaced with white composite. Sinick Family Dental (a mercury safe dental office) is one of just three providers in Ohio to offer the safe removal of silver fillings so the patient isn’t exposed to mercury dust or debris.

“If you haven’t maximized your dental benefits for the year, this is a perfect time to schedule a consult and see how we can help you fall in love with your smile,” Dr. Jessica says.

As general dentists with a host of extra credentials, the doctors at Sinick Family Dental always welcome patients of any age for regular exams and cleanings.

You can visit Sinick Family Dental even if you aren’t interested in a smile makeover. As general dentists with a host of extra credentials, the doctors always welcome patients of any age for regular exams and cleanings.

“Regular dental visits can prevent the need for a smile makeover,” Dr. Christopher shares. “At the end of the day, helping people keep—and love—the teeth they have is our goal.”

“A good time to start with regular dental visits is age one,” Dr. Jessica reveals. “But you’re never too old to improve your oral health. This is a judgement-free zone with an emphasis on good oral hygiene practices—and a healthy mouth is a key to overall health.”

Schedule a smile makeover consultation with Sinick Family Dental by calling 330-725-9851. The office is located at 3575 Reserve Commons Drive in Medina. Hours are Monday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m.; Tuesday, 7 a.m.-6 p.m.; closed Wednesday; Thursday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m.; Friday, 7 a.m.-2 p.m. Visit the website to learn more, at