The complete spa experience

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Bespoke walk-in tubs from the The Bath Authority can be customized with up to 28 hydrotherapy jets, along with both aromatherapy and chroma-therapy features.

By Bill Yurgen

“Take a deep breath… Inhale peace. Exhale happiness.” —A.D. Peary

The above quote describes the expectations most people have once they decide to purchase one of today’s most important design trends: a peaceful place for a relaxing spa-like experience.

Unfortunately, their dreams may have to be tempered with the very un-spa-like realities that could await them during a high-pressure sales presentation with a salesperson who won’t leave until you sign. Or the high-stress installation offered by some companies who have jumped into the business.

We sat down with Kalvin Harrington, Sales Director at The Bath Authority (TBA), a rapidly growing locally owned bath improvement company, to find out how the TBA’s spa experience begins at the point of sale.

Bill: We hear The Bath Authority’s sales are constantly growing. What are you folks doing differently? How is The Bath Authority purchase experience different from the way most other companies sell similar products?
Our approach has always been design-driven. When homeowners call to set up a design consultation and estimate, we work with their best availability. If that’s a weekday or weekend, morning, afternoon, or evening, we’re able to accommodate. Because of the nature of their jobs and their design skill level, we refer to our sales representatives as Design Consultants, but some homeowners actually refer to them as their “Spa Concierge.”

BEFORE: This not-so-old shower was cookie-cutter bland and already showing its age.

We have the largest selection of hi-tech polymer shower and bath systems in Northeast Ohio, and everything is custom made to order. Once we determine the design, we help our customers choose the plumbing fixtures, accessories, seating, safety bars, shaving stands, and the cherry on top is the beautiful glass enclosures, unless a customer prefers a simple curtain rod. We create their own custom design on a tablet on the spot with no waiting days to see what the designer chose for them. The customer is an integral part of the process.

Bill: Is there any high pressure involved?
Kalvin: Our design consultations and estimates are always free with no obligation to buy. It’s truly important for us to design the bath of their dream - from the overall dimensions of the wet space to the smallest details, including the height of the walk-in shower curb and the positioning of plumbing fixtures and all related accessories.

AFTER: The Bath Authority puts the “improvement” in every home improvement project. This walk-in shower is fully customized to the homeowners’ specifications. Not only is it stunning, it will also last for many decades.

Bill: Some bath remodels are pretty basic while others look like a professional interior designer had their hand in the process. How do the design options of a TBA bath and shower rise above the other brands?
Kalvin: Our team of design consultants are factory trained with extensive construction and remodeling experience. The biggest difference with our team versus competitors is that we educate the customer on our broad selection of products available to them, and use our 3D design application to bring it to life. People have really taken to our approach. It makes the process fun, and our clients appreciate the relationships we build.

Bill: How does TBA compare with the big box home improvement stores?
The big box stores carry limited stock sizes that are made in bulk and sometimes built overseas. This keeps the manufacturing price down. However, it also means that customization is limited. The shower or bath system already has shelves or seats built into them that take up a good deal of space and the designs are few and far between.

Bill: What if I have an old tub and want a beautiful, modern walk-in shower in that place or vice versa with a walk-in tub? Can you do either?
Oh, yes. Converting old bathtubs into custom walk-in showers or walk-in bathtubs is a huge trend. Some people really enjoy taking baths but have a hard time safely getting in and out of a standard tub , so they will opt for a walk-in tub with low thresholds or a walk-in shower with custom seating. We also offer a wide variety of soaker tubs with varying heights to accommodate anyone’s preference.

Some people really enjoy taking baths but have a hard time safely getting in and out of a standard tub , so they will opt for a walk-in tub with low thresholds or a walk-in shower with custom seating.

Bill: And what about one of those huge shower spray heads? Or tub water jets that you can adjust for a luxurious experience. Are those available as well?
Kalvin: We do everything from rainfall showerheads to double handheld showerheads, to air-infused high-pressure showerheads. Our walk-in jetted tubs can be built with up to 28 hydrotherapy jets, aromatherapy, and chroma-therapy features that turn their bathroom into their own personal spa. We also offer many designer plumbing fixtures in popular finish colors like matte black, oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, or chrome.

Bill: And the quality?
The Bath Authority always follows the correct installation process to assure the bath or shower will keep its beauty and performance for years to come. Since we have a 100% non-porous material with the look and feel of tile or stone at a fraction of the cost, it’s the best of both worlds for our customers.

Plus, our USA-made components—from our high-tech polymer shower and bath units to our custom-made glass enclosures—are all top quality, built right here in the Midwest specifically. That’s why we are so confident we offer a Lifetime Warranty.

Bill: What does TBA do to help make a bath project affordable for its customers?
Kalvin: We build multiple quotes allowing the customer to pick which one they want, based on their budget. Customers can pick and choose from our great monthly payment options, whether it be a short term 0% interest plan or extended loans with low interest rates.

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