The certified arborists at Titan Arbor Care can prune, remove and replant trees so your yard stays looking lush

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By Adam Cook

As the ground thaws, Mother Nature makes her spring rounds, enchanting the landscape to blossom and bestowing new life to all she touches. But sometimes even she needs help.

Looking at the trees in your yard this spring, you might see foliage that failed to return, leaving dead or diseased branches exposed or a tree that, after so many seasons, is growing just a little too close to your home for comfort.

In and around Medina County, the owners of Titan Arbor Care, certified arborists Jay Dalton, Jeremy Rolf and Tyler Honsaker, are there to help, springing into action to lend a hand to Mother Nature, removing trees that for one reason or another got overlooked and planting one—or two—in their place for the next time she makes her rounds.

“There are lots of reasons you might have to strategically remove trees,” Jay says. “After completely removing a tree stump, we’ll recondition the yard and can plant a tree or a couple of trees to take its place.”

Trees have a magic all their own, providing privacy, shade and curb appeal while absorbing excess water.

“You want to choose the right tree for the right spot,” Jay says, “You don’t want a large tree too close to your house that will eventually get larger than your house, and you don’t want to put a small, less robust tree out in the open where it risks weather damage.”

Titan Arbor Care uses 4x8-foot polymer sheets to distribute the weight of foot traffic and minimize wear and tear from heavy machinery. In contrast to plywood typically used by other tree care providers, polymer sheets more efficiently protect the landscape, better preserving the beauty of all Mother Nature touched.

“We take every step to leave your yard better than we found it,” Jay says. “We haul away grindings, spread fresh topsoil, and plant grass and often a tree or two. So, you’re left with a nice, clean, finished yard.”

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