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At Smith Cosmetic Laser Surgery, Andrea Fenda, Medical Aesthetician, uses Radio-frequency technology with the Contoura device to help patients achieve their esthetic goals. After researching multiple body contouring devices, the Contoura came out on top with results. Not only can it treat fat cells, it also tightens skin and reduces cellulite all at the same time. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

Smith Cosmetic Laser Surgery stays ahead of technology with a host of minimally invasive esthetic treatments and laser services to provide the latest advancements in science, art, health and beauty for body and face.

“Although we live in an age where everyone wants to be flawless and perfect, our philosophy is to simply help patients become their best selves,” says Medical Aesthetician Andrea Fenda.

“We address what they see in the mirror and what they’d like to improve. From there we put together a customized plan for the most natural-looking results.”

Time for Skin Renewal
“One of our most popular services has been dermaplaning,” she says. “I gently move a special scalpel across the skin surface to get rid of peach fuzz and the very top layer of dead skin cells. It also improves texture and fine lines. Clients are amazed by how refreshed their skin looks after. And the hair does not grow back darker or thicker.”

Micro-needling is equally beneficial to skin, she continues. They use nine tiny pins to gently oscillate and create new pathways for serums to reach your skin cells.

Lasers are used to help patient achieve their esthetic goals. For instance , using a profractional laser resurfaces the top layer of skin to improve texture, reduce fine lines and soften scars. The treatment even stimulates collagen production to firm and rejuvenate. They are also known for their facial vein services that use radio-frequency to help diminish small red veins and rosacea. Their wide range of chemical peels can help reduce an array of skin concerns such as acne, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.

“We were one of the first in the area to offer PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) for both anti-aging services and hair loss restoration. It’s a simple blood draw that is spun down to achieve the highest concentration of your own PRP and then it is injected into the face, neck, or hairline. Really anywhere that needs a boost. It is then followed up with microneedling, using the non-platelet rich plasma, known as the poor. This encourages cellular turnover and stimulates collagen and fibroblasts.”

Smith Cosmetic Laser Surgery offers the PRP Facial, which incorporates the use of a person’s own platelet-rich plasma and microneedling. Pictured above is Sharon Stockwell, CNP, with a patient.

When it comes to prevention and skin’s overall wellness, Andrea is a bit of a purist. That’s why the practice offers the ZO SkinHealth line with medical-grade ingredients. It literally transforms the look and feel of skin by restructuring it at the cellular level.

A Better Way to Contour the Body
“An improved treatment compared to freezing fat cells, Contoura BodyFX uses radiofrequency to super heat and treat cellulite, reduce unwanted fat cells and tighten skin simultaneously,” says Andrea. “Patients usually get six weekly sessions and notice a difference after just one treatment. It can be used anywhere on the body, abdomen, butt, thighs, arms, double chin and face.”

“I love this treatment because the hand-held device allows us to get into smaller areas such as the double chin with more precision,” she continues. “Patients tell us it feels like a hot stone massage.”

For the next level of treatment, Dr. David Smith performs Vaser Liposuction, which can help achieve high definition results with a greater reduction of fat. He also helps sculpt the body by transferring a patient’s fat from any part of the body to the face, breasts and butt.

Rebalancing Your Hormone Levels
“Recently we’ve introduced Bioidentical Hormone replacement therapy,” says Andrea. “We are able to take a comprehensive blood panel of the patient and receive a targeted prescription of bio-identical hormones. Both men and women can benefit from this therapy, which restores hormone levels that may have dropped beneath their optimal level for wellness.”

“Once we get a patient's lab results back we will discuss their hormone levels and design a treatment plan that is customized to their individual needs,” she says.

Meet the Team
The team at Smith Cosmetic Laser surgery includes Dr. David Smith a board certified cardiologist and vein specialist who has practiced in the area for the last 10 years. He specializes in liposuction, fat transfer, body-sculpting and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Heading up the esthetic department, Medical Aesthetician Andrea Fenda draws on her 17-plus years of experience in the industry to care for patients’ skin through dermaplaning, peels, micro-needling, body contouring and prescribing a skin care regimen for home use.

Smith Cosmetic Laser Surgery is located at 7536 Fredle Drive in Concord.

CNP Sharon Stockwell has been a nurse practitioner since 1997, and she has worked with Dr. Smith since 2010. She concentrates on sclerotherapy , Botox and filler injections, PRP injections, hair removal , and laser resurfacing.

Smith Cosmetic Laser Surgery is located at 7536 Fredle Drive in Concord. Call 440-579-4088 or visit for more information.