StretchLab Fairlawn offers revolutionary techniques to help enhance flexibility and strength, so you can perform your best

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StretchLab offers assisted stretching targeting 26 areas by certified Flexologists, each with a background in exercise and fitness. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Mary Malik

It’s finally time to get up and out—outdoors that is. But if you haven’t been active in a few months, you might need a good stretch. And even if you’ve found ways to maintain your fitness and keep moving this winter, stretching is not only good but necessary if you want to feel and perform your best.

StretchLab Fairlawn offers one-on-one, assisted stretching to keep muscles healthy and flexible, improve balance, lessen joint pain and increase endurance. The results allow clients to feel better and be better for life.

“We like to say that StretchLab stretches are for ‘anybody and any body,’” says StretchLab Fairlawn’s general manager, Morgan Wantz. “Everyone wants to be better at something, whether it’s a sport, leisure activity or simply playing with the grandkids or carrying your groceries to the car. At StretchLab, we pinpoint those goals and help you get there. It’s amazing to see the results of consistent stretching.”

StretchLab Fairlawn owner Bill Shepard has assembled a top team of certified Flexologists.

Before you arrive for your first stretch session, a StretchLab Flexologist reaches out to you about your goals, lifestyle, past injuries and other information. A Flexologist is a trained expert with a background in fitness who completes an extensive, three-tiered certification process. Every certified Flexologist came to StretchLab with some degree and/or certification in a related field, like exercise science, kinesiology, yoga or personal training, and then is specifically trained by StretchLab for certification as a Flexologist.

Your first stretch session begins with a simple MAPS assessment, determining mobility, activation, posture and symmetry.

“This training includes extensive online coursework, in-person workshops and 20-plus practice hours administering StretchLab’s signature 26 stretches,” lead Flexologist Nikki Carnes says. “Your initial stretch begins with a MAPS assessment determining mobility, activation, posture and symmetry, so we focus your stretch on the right muscle groups, and you get the most out of your session.”

StretchLab recommends a 50-minute, 26-stretch initial session targeting every muscle group. Future sessions are then personalized to focus on specific needs.

“StretchLab is membership-based, but anyone can also drop in for a stretch,” says Nikki. “The important point to make is that in order to benefit from a stretching program, you must be consistent. We know just how far to push you. Believe me, it’s further than you would push yourself. And don’t worry about pain. We communicate with you the entire time and the client is always in control. Most people say they feel like they just had a massage.”

Whether you’re looking to gain flexibility in your golf swing, increase your mobility to shine on the pickleball court or get stronger for everything else you’re doing, StretchLab will get you there.

Nikki stresses that not everyone needs a 50-minute stretch. If you’re struggling with just one area, your Flexologist will target that area specifically in just a 25-minute stretch. Overstretching is real and can do more harm than good.

Nikki and Morgan say that although there really isn’t a “typical” client, most want to ease their discomfort caused by a sedentary lifestyle, spending their days sitting or standing. When they want to do something active, they struggle with mobility or flexibility.

“Some clients have past injuries that cause nagging pain. Many are goal-driven, meaning they have a specific goal they’d like to achieve like driving the golf ball farther or scooping those pickleball shots,” Morgan says. “Our job is to find out what’s causing your pain, weakness, imbalance or stiffness and target that with specific stretches.”

Stretch sessions at StretchLab may also include massage therapies to aid with recovery and muscle tension relief. Members receive one free Normatec compression therapy session per month.

Membership options vary and StretchLab accepts HSA corporate discount programs, Gympass, Renew Active and other health and wellness benefit programs.

“We’re always improving to help clients get the most out of a stretch here. We also educate people so they can continue stretching at home,” says Morgan. “StretchLab members have access to our app, which offers additional stretches and information on how to build on the progress you make here. Don’t worry, we’ll send you off with homework.”

Not moving for long periods of time really catches up with you. When StretchLab owner Bill Shepard was searching for a franchise opportunity, he wanted something he believed in that supported the wellness concept.

“StretchLab helps people of all ages stay active and fit no matter what they do in life,” says Bill. “Stretching just makes good sense.”

StretchLab Fairlawn offers a 50-minute Introductory Stretch for $49, or 25 minutes for $29. That’s a 50% savings. Call 330-664-9544 for details.

StretchLab Fairlawn is located at 3763 West Market St., Suite E, in Fairlawn. To schedule your initial stretch and for more information call 330-664-9544, check the website or email