Staying in the fight

9 Round
Owner Rikki, “Right Hook” Hall with General Manager, Sean “The Ship” Sullivan.

By Patricia Nugent

With no set class times, 30-minute circuit training you can jump into every three minutes and stress-relieving workouts that combine kickboxing moves with strength training—9Round studio in Fairlawn, under new ownership, offers a novel approach for those looking to boost their fitness in a fun, non-combative way.

“Whether members want to get stronger, lose weight, or discover a fast-paced, high-energy way to torch calories, we offer the perfect answer to take out their aggressions on the bag in a controlled, safe and disciplined environment,” says new owner Rikki, “Right Hook” Hall . “We work on cardiovascular endurance as well as strength, power, speed, agility and core.” Rikki is excited to be part of this new venture and start giving back to the community.

The fitness studio concept was founded by kickboxing world champion Shannon “The Cannon” Hudson. Workouts change daily and a circuit consists of three minutes at a time spent at nine training stations for a full-body workout.

“I’ve done every style of fitness training you can think of and nothing has left me feeling more energized after a workout than 9Round does. And it’s interesting because along with feeling energized, I also feel very calm—all of the stress is gone. The workouts are great for concentration, cognitive ability and memory, too. There is definitely a mind-body benefit going on here,”says General Manager Sean “The Ship” Sullivan.

And just like in boxing, members get to ring the bell three times on their way out if they had a killer workout.

Owned by Rikki, “Right Hook” Hall, 9Round fitness studio is located at 55 Ghent Road in Fairlawn. Call 234-678-5457 or visit for more information.

“Grand Re-Opening” Special: The first nine people who call and mention they read this story can sign up for unlimited classes for $99 per month. New members only, please. Call 234-678-5457 or visit to book your complimentary initial session.