SOGO Homes and Marvel Developments are a winning combination when it comes to getting top dollar for your home

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Whether you’re ready to sell or cash in on a rehab, Aaron Peterson’s SOGO Homes and Marvel Developments can help you spruce up your home before it hits the market—and garner higher offers. (Photography: Francis Angelone)

By Laura Briedis

With the number of real estate agents in the United States hitting an all-time high at more than 1.5 million—and more than 35,000 just in Ohio—homeowners have seemingly endless options when looking for someone to help sell their homes.

“With so many real estate agents in town, it can be a daunting task to find the best fit when looking for a real estate company,” says Aaron Peterson, who founded SOGO Homes last year after decades of working in the real estate industry. “At SOGO Homes, there are two things that make us stand out from other real estate brokerages. We offer a flat fee, and we give back.”

SOGO Homes—an acronym for Sell One, Give One—donates a portion of the real estate commission for each house sold to help single moms in Northeast Ohio achieve their dream of home ownership. Partnering with local nonprofit Hopebridge, the company’s goal is to bring hope to vulnerable children and families by helping single moms get back on their feet.

Homeowners who list with SOGO Homes also benefit by earning more profit with the company’s flat-fee rate. Instead of paying a percentage of the sale in commission, SOGO Homes has a $4,800 flat fee package that includes everything from helping homeowners set the most attractive listing price to photography to negotiating the final deal.

A recent SOGO listing sold with help from the Marvel Developments team. They rebuilt the front entrance deck and pillars structure.

“Over the past year, we have saved homeowners anywhere from $2,000 up to $35,000 in real estate commissions when selling their homes,” Aaron says. “This means they are keeping more of the profits in their pockets.”

SOGO Homes also has helped homeowners garner higher offers on their homes by helping them spruce up their interior or exterior before hitting the market. Its sister company, Marvel Developments, specializes in rehabbing homes and, with more than a dozen skilled tradespeople on staff, they have the expertise to put your home in the best light, from painting walls to fixing leaky faucets to installing new flooring.

“Oftentimes, if you spend a little money on home improvements before listing your home, you will profit even more,” Aaron says, noting that with a team of both real estate agents and remodelers, the company has more to offer than traditional brokerages.

“We are still selling some homes over asking price this year,” he says. “This summer the market should be even better since interest rates are projected to start decreasing, which will lead to an influx of people looking to buy a home.”

It is still a market dictated by supply and demand, and, according to Aaron, the demand is high and the inventory is low, which bodes well for homeowners as they are garnering top dollar for their home.

Aaron Peterson, owner of SOGO Homes and Marvel Developments, is pictured here with his team of agents and tradespeople. Together they are beautifying and selling homes across the area.

An expert in the local market, Aaron was born in Georgia and still has lots of that southern charm and hospitable nature, along with the Midwest’s strong work ethic he developed since moving to Northeast Ohio.

“I have been in the real estate industry for 20-plus years selling homes, investing in homes and rehabbing homes, so I know all the different aspects,” says Aaron, who has a business degree from Liberty University. “We do business with a purpose and want to make a positive impact in Northeast Ohio, so go with your head, go with your heart, go with SOGO. You will save money while helping others.”

Renovating Homes, Renewing Neighborhoods
Not everyone has the time and patience to put their home on the real estate market and go through the traditional channels when selling a home. That’s where Marvel Developments has carved out a niche in the Northeast Ohio real estate market.

SOGO Homes' sister company, Marvel Developments, which specializes in rehabbing and revitalizing homes, offers people cash for their homes.

“A perfect fit for those homeowners whose property is a fixer-upper or for those rental property owners who are tired of being landlords, we can take it off your hands,” says Aaron Peterson, business owner. “We have purchased homes ranging from $20,000 up to $250,000.”

Marvel Developments, which specializes in rehabbing and revitalizing homes, offers people cash for their homes.

“Last year, we renovated 28 homes in the Akron/Canton area and this year we are projected to double that total,” says Aaron, noting the company has more than a dozen skilled tradesmen renovating homes year-round. “This is a great option for homeowners, as we provide a cash offer, which means you usually get money in your hands within seven to 10 days.”

“It’s a win-win situation, as we help homeowners who don’t want to go through the home listing process and, at the same time, we are revitalizing neighborhoods,” Aaron adds.

Marvel Developments also can help homeowners who are listing their home on the market by linking them with their remodelers. “Oftentimes small renovations can have a big return on investment when selling your home,” Aaron says. “So, whether you sell your home to us or put it on the market, we are here to help in any way.”

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