See how Peters Professional Landscaping can create your year-round backyard paradise with their seasoned experts when it comes to outdoor living spaces

Unilock 623
Peters Professional Landscaping doesn’t just design and install for today. Its goal is to make your yard beautiful throughout the year.

By Patricia Nugent

When it comes to beautifying your home’s exterior, going with a seasoned and creative team makes the difference between ho-hum and downright spectacular.

The crews from Peters Professional Landscaping are true masters of curb appeal. They’ve been there, done that over decades in the industry and have a well-earned reputation for creating custom landscaping for homes and businesses throughout Medina County and beyond.

Founded in 1992 by Chris Peters, the full-service firm takes customers through every step of discovering their dream yards, from professional design and installation of landscaping materials and patios to weekly maintenance service to keep it all looking pristine.

“To us, great design means the finished look is a reflection of the homeowner, and one that stays beautiful in every season,” he says. “We specialize in offering anything a homeowner would need to put their outdoor haven in place, from patios, pergolas and pavilions to outdoor kitchens, grills and bars; fire features and water features; outdoor lighting and heating; landscaping design and maintenance.”

Peters Professional Landscaping uses grown-in-Ohio plant stock for high-performing, low-maintenance pops of color.

Sparking Imagination
I caught up with sales manager and designer Griffin Schueszler to gain an understanding of how they bring homeowners’ visions to life.

“The free consultation and estimate begin with a phone call,” he says. “I ask a lot of questions about the scope of the project. By the time we arrange for an in-person meeting, I’ll usually have a good idea of their likes and dislikes. I often bring photos of past jobs we’ve done to give them more ideas.”

He takes a walk with the homeowner around their home exterior to get that perspective.

“I try to let their mind run free and tell me their goals, then I recommend design ideas that flow with their home’s unique features,” says Griffin. “When the consultation is over, more often than not, the end result is exactly what they were initially looking for.”

After that, he says they talk about budget and options for sticking to a budget.

“Once we reach the installation phase, it’s helpful that our crews have been doing this for many years,” he says.

Two trending things he says most clients are looking for are big pops of color and maintenance-free materials.

“In putting our grown-in-Ohio plant selections together, I educate clients which options will require the fewest trims per year,” he says. “And I get a feel for color preferences, too. Sometimes with a light-colored home it’s best to go deeper with the colors to stand out, and the same with using lighter, brighter colors with a darker home. Other considerations are how loose or tight they want the design, planning how far apart to space materials.”

Anytime you want your exterior to look pristine and finished is the right time to mulch. Since Peters Professional Landscaping buys mulch in bulk, it can get more varieties, colors and styles to complement any yard.

Mulch Time
“Anytime you want your exterior to look pristine and finished is the right time to mulch,” says Chris. “We lay it all year long, even into the fall. Since we buy mulch in bulk, we can get more varieties, colors and styles to complement any yard.”

And beyond the great looks, mulch is also the easiest way to enrich soil with slow-release nutrients, beneficial bacteria and microorganisms, as well as retain moisture for optimal growing conditions for plants, flowers, shrubs and trees.

Mulch also acts as a deterrent to weeds.

“We are currently booked about three weeks out for mulch jobs,” he adds.

Working in Phases
With inflation tightening everyone’s belts this year, it’s nice to know companies like Peters keep their clients’ budgets in mind and in check.

Chris explains that they often work in phases on projects to make them ultimately more affordable.

“For instance, we can plan phases over several months or summers, the first year laying a Unilock paver patio, then the next year topping it with a firepit or water feature, and the following year adding landscaping or lighting,” he explains.

The Unilock Difference
Chris Peters has always been an exclusive authorized Unilock contractor.

“This pioneering brand has set the bar high when it comes to product innovation and selection,” he says.

It offers a wide range of styles in pavers and wall systems that can also be used to create fireplaces and firepits, suiting sleek and modern tastes to traditional and classically elegant designs.

“Plus, you can’t beat a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, and three-year warranty on labor,” he says. “This is one of those products that lives up to the credo, ‘you get what you pay for,’ as Unilock products are extremely durable, resist fading, and are engineered to last for years and years.”

Based in Medina, Peters Professional Landscaping is located at 7080 Wooster Pike. Peters also offers yard clean-ups, weekly maintenance work and mowing. It serves homes, businesses and HOAs throughout Northeast Ohio and enjoys an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Store hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call 330-722-8884 or visit