One Mentor couple decided to go for the remodel, with help from Acclaim Renovations & Design

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Acclaim Renovations & Design added little modern touches in the shower for visual appeal and functionality, like mixing larger tiles on the walls with tiny ones on the floor. modern, cream colored quartz counters and rustic gray luxury vinyl tile plank flooring complete the look. (Photography: Felicia Berger)

By Patricia Nugent

Big ticket items, like a new car or five-star vacation, often come with sticker shock—leaving you wondering if you can afford them at all.

But why bother working so hard for your money if you can’t enjoy it?

Bob Gallese and his trusty staff at Acclaim Renovations & Design help clients fly over that hurdle of affordability and allay spending fears by aligning themselves with select financial institutions to ensure the renovation of your dreams is well within your budget, just a few painless monthly payments away.

Taking the Fear out of Financing
“Local and national lenders have come a long way,” says Bob. “Now, whether online or brick and mortar, the application process is a breeze. And we assist our clients in getting the best-fit loan product for their needs. We have established great relationships with these people.”

For instance, one of the more popular online lenders, EnerBank offers 18 months same as cash that can be stretched to 24 months for a small fee. It also offers five- and 10-year loans with only 6.99% APR. Another lender, Dollar Bank, has no fees involved and no appraisals required.

“Honestly, loans used to be a pain, with layers and layers of paperwork and nonsense,” Bob says. “It just isn’t like that anymore. We work with clients to set a budget based on what they want to spend per month. Then we work backward from that number. Maybe they want to spend $350 per month, so we show them the scope of renovation and how long it would take to pay for it, or they want to spend $500 and we adjust for that number. Basically, we take the anxiety out of any renovation.”

Another consideration is the inescapable fact that prices are always going up, from labor to materials. Bob points out it makes good sense to lock into today’s prices for a renovation that will last for decades rather than putting it off until next year.

Financing from Acclaim Renovations & Design means a stunning remodel like this one is easily within reach. Payment terms start at 18 months.

“Lots of folks think they should wait to get a bonus at the end of the year, but with these easy financing options why would you wait?” he asks.

Hitting the Hottest Master Bath Trends
Right behind kitchens, Bob says renovating master baths are some of his biggest jobs.

As seen in the photos accompanying this story, the Franks’ bathroom shows how a little creativity in reworking a space can produce stunning results.

“They wanted to get rid of a large Jacuzzi tub that most homes built in the 1990s have,” he says. “It took up a lot of space, and, like families often find, no one ever used it, so we tweaked the space to get rid of the tub and create an expanded, glass-walled shower.”

The couple also wanted a private space for the commode, so Bob’s design crew added that, and included a frosted glass door for a touch of luxury. In the space where the tub was, they built a charming window seat in dark wood to match the cabinetry.

Little modern touches in the shower added visual appeal and functionality, like a recessed corner niche, and mixing larger tiles on the walls with tiny ones on the floor. Modern, cream colored quartz counters and rustic gray luxury vinyl tile plank flooring complete the look.

Acclaim Renovations & Design powered by One Man and a Hammer is located at 8550 East Avenue in Mentor. The company has been awarded Contractor of the Year by NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry). Call 440-974-8082 or visit to check out the list of financial institutions that make lending easy.