Now is a perfect time to have Titan Arbor Care assess and tend to the trees in your yard

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When called, Titan Arbor Care helps the Strongsville Service Department Division of Forestry maintain the city’s urban tree canopy of more than 112,000 trees. (Photography: Francis Angelone)

By Adam Cook

Autumn is fast approaching, bringing an all-too-brief respite from summer’s heat. Still, it’s wise to take a page from the Farmers’ Almanac and remember: “You may delay, but time will not.” Winter’s blistering cold won’t be far behind.

The almanac’s recently released extended weather forecast for Ohio projects a less-than-idyllic season, anticipating an even earlier, more frigid, storm-prone winter than most years.

If you have neglected trees in your yard, now is no time to throw caution to the wind. Soon enough, gently falling leaves will give way to hazardous falling branches laden with ice.

The owners of Titan Arbor Care, certified arborists Jay Dalton, Jeremy Rolf, and Tyler Honsaker, are extending their expertise in and around Medina County, safely trimming and removing dead trees and stumps this fall in back yards and on manicured commercial lots and sprawling estate properties.

The team at Titan Arbor Care takes every step to leave your yard better than they found it. The crew hauls away stump grindings, spreads fresh topsoil and plants grass right away.

When called, Jay, Jeremy, Tyler and their crews go so far as to help the Strongsville Service Department Division of Forestry maintain the city’s urban tree canopy of more than 112,000 trees.

They can do it all as a professional local tree care provider. They’re insured for your protection as much as they are theirs, a qualification that other local tree care providers find tough to top.

It’s vital to rely on the trained eye of a professional tree care provider to spot dead or diseased branches that need to come down to keep decay from spreading and significantly reduce icy hazards to yourself, your family, your neighbors, and your home and vehicles.

The white blanket of snow familiar in Northeast Ohio can hide other hazards, such as exposed roots and stumps.

L-R: Tyler Honsaker, Jeremy Rolf, and Jay Dalton, owners and certified arborists of Titan Arbor Care.

Jay recommends addressing potential hazards underfoot this winter and assures Titan Arbor Care’s approach will leave a light footprint.

“Our stump-grinding machine is portable enough to go anywhere and goes deep enough to where we’re sure we’re going to get the thing out,” he says. “All our equipment is compact enough to move around with minimal disruption.”

The owners of Titan Arbor Care stand by their promise to guard your yard and have over 200 feet of planking to go the distance, ensuring minimal disruption.

Titan Arbor Care’s 4-by-8 foot polymer sheets cover the ground, distributing the weight of foot traffic and minimizing the wear and tear of heavy machinery. The ground protection mats are more efficient than the plain plywood pieces some tree care providers employ, if they even bother to take that additional step.

“We take every step to leave your yard better than we found it,” Jay says. “We haul away the grindings, spread fresh topsoil and plant grass right away. So, we leave you with a nice, clean, finished yard. If we didn’t, to us it would seem like an incomplete job.”

By planting grass right away, Titan Arbor Care already does one better than most tree care providers.

While the company plants grass every time on any job that calls for it, there’s no better time than now.

Grass seedlings thrive in autumn’s respite. They’re shielded from the summer’s sweltering heat and have enough time to establish themselves before winter’s bitter cold barrels in.

By regularly caring for your trees, you can protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property from damage.

Now is a great time to get on their schedule for fall and winter pruning. With potential hazards out of the way, you’ll be able to rest easy this winter and turn your attention to spring, when the white blanket of snow melts and fresh stocks of green grass sprout.

Titan Arbor Care is an ISA Certified Arborist, licensed, bonded and fully insured. Call 216-586-6955 for a free quote. For a complete list of services, visit Titan