Northeast Factory Direct is manufacturing high-quality mattresses under its own brand, in addition to offering leading-edge, popular mattress brands like Prestige at everyday low prices

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Just like the company’s legendary no-frills warehouse, the no-frills Northeast Factory Direct mattress factory keeps its overhead low.

By Mimi Vanderhaven

When it comes to marketing, the mattress industry seems to be one of the most over-hyped, highly marked-up, gimmicky ones out there. Every company claims to have the best mattress, and there are so-called “clearance sales” every holiday weekend, as if Memorial Day and Labor Day somehow allow a business to lower its prices when it cannot do so on every other Monday.

Why can’t someone sell a quality mattress at a low price and do it every day, skipping the confetti and balloons?

Well, someone does.

Northeast Factory Direct
You know Alex Nemet, the founder of Northeast Factory Direct. Mimi has written about his no-frills warehouse countless times in her 18 years publishing this magazine, and his face is one of the most recognizable in Northeast Ohio. He offers furniture, mattresses, hot tubs and more, and when he got into kitchen cabinets a few years ago, he utterly transformed the industry in Northeast Ohio, offering quality kitchens for less than half the price of his competitors.

Northeast Factory Direct owner Alex Nemet inspecting the manufacturing process at the factory producing his high-quality, low-priced private label mattresses.

Now he’s transforming the mattress industry.

Alex searched the country to find a top-notch factory to manufacture his own brand of mattress, and he regularly tours that facility to ensure that his products are being made to his exacting standards.

“We use the same quality materials in our mattresses that the high-end brands use,” Alex says. “So our mattresses are as good if not better, but we offer them for a lot less.”

And Northeast Factory Direct doesn’t wait for a holiday to feature lower prices; they do it every day.

“There’s nothing magical about what we do,” Alex assures. “We have a no-frills warehouse, not a fancy showroom. We keep our overhead low. We buy in volume and pass the savings on. We get a ton of referrals by running our business with this simple philosophy.”

At Northeast Factory Direct, get a free bed bundle (mattress protector, a set of sheets and two pillows) with the purchase of a Prestige mattress. The queen size is $699 and the king is $799, but at these prices you’ll need to purchase the box spring separately.

A Complete Selection
For Alex, the mattress biz isn’t a side gig. He offers every size, shape and style the national chains do and more—including king, queen, full, twin, bunk bed mattresses, and box springs. You’ll find pillow top, memory foam, innerspring, adjustable beds, and even the popular “bed-in-a-box” you find online. But unlike ordering online, you actually get to lie down on it before you buy it.

Yet Northeast doesn’t stop there.

“If you need a custom mattress for an antique bed, a boat, or an RV, we’ll make it for you,” Alex promises. “That’s the beauty of having our own factory.”

Northeast Factory Direct uses the same high-quality mattress materials the high-end brands use, but offers the final product at a much lower price.

Special Offers Right Now
Right now, thanks to buying in bulk, Northeast has a few special deals going on and, hey, it’s not even a holiday—but don’t look for any confetti or balloons:

  • Queen pillow top mattresses starting at $399 and double-sided queen pillow tops starting at $699.
  • Get a free bed bundle (mattress protector, a set of sheets and two pillows) with the purchase of a Prestige mattress. The queen size is $699 and the king is $799, but at these prices you’ll need to purchase the box spring separately.
  • Plus, right now get a free Zero Gravity adjustable base with adjustable head rest and adjustable foot rest with the purchase of their Comfort Cool Mattress. This is a premium hybrid mattress with an all-natural, cold-faced cover, and a layer of air flow comfort foam to keep the body temperature regulated. The queen size is $1,599 and the king is $1,999, both of which come with a free base.

Of course you’ll sleep well on these high-quality mattresses, but you’ll also sleep well knowing you didn’t pay too much.

Northeast Factory Direct has three locations: 3321 W. 140th Street in Cleveland, 216-941-7727, 24470 Lakeland Blvd., in Euclid, 440-942-7945, and 9009 Freeway Drive in Macedonia, 330-436-3960. Hours for the Cleveland and Euclid locations are Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Sunday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. To sit down with a kitchen designer, an appointment is recommended. Get directions from anywhere when you visit the website at