Neubert Cabinet Refinishing can update your kitchen from tired to trendy with an exclusive process that creates a factory-smooth finish for a fraction of the cost of a remodel

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AFTER: Neubert Cabinet Refinishing updated the tired, oak-heavy look of this kitchen (before) with a fresh, bright look (after). This isn’t refacing or brush painting. It’s a fast, easy and affordable coating process that creates a smooth factory finish—for way less.

By Mitch Allen

If you noticed over the holidays that your kitchen is not everything you want it to be, now is the perfect time to make a change. And the good news is, you don’t have to break the bank or experience the weeks of downtime associated with a full kitchen cabinet replacement.

One local company—Neubert Cabinet Refinishing—can give your kitchen a fresh, new look for pennies on the dollar compared to a full remodel.

The company has refurbished hundreds of Northeast Ohio cabinets and has 147 Google reviews with 4.8-star average.

In short, budget-conscious homeowners love these guys.


Fast, Easy, Affordable
“Choosing cabinet refinishing over a tear-out is preferable especially if you are satisfied with the current layout of your kitchen,” says company founder John Neubert. “It’s fast, easy and saves a lot of money.”

Importantly, you’ll continue to have access to your drawers and cabinets and their contents during the entire process. That’s because the Neubert team removes your cabinet doors and drawer fronts and refinishes them back at their facility. Keep in mind this is not plastic cabinet refacing. It’s refinishing. Here’s how it works: All knobs and pulls are removed and labeled so they can be properly re-installed; cabinets are de-glossed with a strong cleaner and any oil or grease is removed; they are prepped with a Festool dustless sanding system before coating; and a specialty bonding primer is applied before your doors and drawers are finished with Neubert’s premium factory finish.

The result is an exclusive factory finish for kitchen cabinets with a fresh-from-the-designer-showroom look.

“Our team uses this approach to achieve a hard-as-nails, durable finish—and the quality is easy to see and feel,” John says. “You’ll want to rub your hands over your refurbished cabinets because they’re so silky smooth.”

AFTER: Neubert’s exclusive process means you maintain access to your cabinets and drawers (and their contents) for the duration of the week-long project. Cabinets and drawer fronts are removed and given a smooth, silky finish at the company’s facility.

Any Color You Want
Neubert can refinish your cabinets in a wide variety of colors, but many homeowners choose a light color. “Off-whites and creams are very popular because they make the kitchen bright, clean, open and airy,” John says. “Some customers, however, choose a bolder color, including today’s popular grays. Of course, we can custom-blend any color to create a perfect complement to your wall color or backsplash.”

If you want a bit more than a simple refinishing, Neubert can help there, too. With the company’s carpentry services, the team can change the profile of cabinet doors—say, from Shaker-style to arch-top—remove soffits, and create crown moldings that will allow your cabinets to extend all the way to the ceiling.

Perfect For Cluster Home Communities
Although Neubert refurbishes kitchens in every type of home—from rental property to mansions—one of their sweet spots is cluster home communities.

“If you’re a senior on a fixed budget you don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new kitchen, but you don’t want to live with an outdated kitchen either,” John explains. “Cluster homes are typically single-story homes with a smaller footprint and a small- to medium-sized kitchen with a good, functional floorplan. It’s the perfect combination.”

John adds that he can give most kitchens a dramatic, new, modern look for $4,000 to $6,000, and complete the job in under a week. “The process is ideal for kitchens that are showing their age at around 20 years old,” he says.

When it comes to cabinet refinishing, it’s important to pick the right company—the first time. “Our craftsmen are experts at refinishing cabinets,” John says. “It’s all they do. We aren’t practicing at this. We’ve done hundreds of kitchens. You can’t tell the difference between our refinishing and the finish on a brand-new cabinet. It’s that spectacular.”

To save thousands of dollars on the cost of a kitchen cabinet update, you can call Neubert Cabinet Refinishing at 216-529-0360 to schedule a free estimate or receive a free sample. Learn more about this locally recognized company at Neubert also specializes in wood home exteriors, aluminum siding refinishing and interior painting.

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