Northeast Factory Direct has the perfect way for you to create meaningful memories at home this summer

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A basic NEFD kitchen starts at just $1,899, which is less than the average family spends on a vacation. Schedule a time to sit down with one of Alex Nemet’s talented staff designers to get started on your project. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Beth Newcomb

While I’m fairly confident I have dyscalculia (look it up, it means I’m terrible at math), I do know a good deal when I see one. And you don’t have to be a mathematician to get what I’m about to tell you. So, here goes.

The average family vacation runs about $2,000-$4,000.

The average kitchen remodel costs about $16,000 (or more).

A basic kitchen at Northeast Factory Direct starts at $1,899.

Most kitchens installed by Northeast Factory Direct run about $5,500.

So, if my calculations are correct, you could take the money you’ve socked away for a summer vacation this year and funnel it into a kitchen remodel courtesy of NEFD. And, instead of swiping through magical family moments on your phone made elsewhere, you can live them every day in a beautiful new space—right inside your home.

“We’ve had a lot of people decide to take their vacation money and funnel it right back into their home,” says NEFD owner Alex Nemet. “They’re staying put this year and investing in their surroundings.”

“Our cabinets sell for 60-70 percent less than comparable cabinets and, in addition to price, we regularly beat the competition with our service and installation,” Alex states. “When it comes to maximizing the return on an investment in your home, we can make a couple hundred dollars spent translate into a couple thousand saved.”

Free Stuff!
Here’s how NEFD takes your vacation fund even further.

The complete design, 3-D elevations and in-home measurements are just a few of the freebies you’ll get when you shop NEFD for solid wood cabinets with raised or recessed door panels, and 75 different door/drawer styles and color combinations from which to choose. Here are the rest:

  • Door knobs and drawer pulls – free
  • Design service – free
  • Design to take with you without a commitment – free
  • Upgrade to all-wood construction, solid maple dovetail drawers, steel under mount full-extension guides, soft-close doors and drawers, and paint, stain and finish options of your choosing – free

Kitchens Starting at $1,899
“Our basic L-shaped kitchen starts at just $1,899, but most kitchens average about $5,500. And at that price, you’re getting all of the bells and whistles, like a pull-out trash cabinet, roll-out trays, crown molding and more. At other places, those things are expensive add-ons. No way could you get them into a $5,500 kitchen,” Alex says.

“And our cabinets have the look of custom and semi-custom styles. The difference is we offer them at a fraction of the price others are selling them. And we don’t just sell them in standard sizes.”

The Secret is Out
So how do Alex and his crew make installing a fresh new gathering hub in the home so affordable? The secret sauce is that Alex has buying power that blows his competition out of the water.

“I started selling dining sets out of my garage in Lakewood,” Alex recalls. “I knew I could offer the same top-quality merchandise other stores were offering, but for way less. I started buying by the truckload and passing the savings on to my customers. Today, that same buying philosophy backs all of our cabinetry. We’re offering semi-custom kitchens at a fraction of what you’ll pay elsewhere, and our quality is superior.”

NEFD offers zero percent financing along with its expert design service and exclusive-to-NEFD tradesmen on the job, so if you’d like to take your vacation fund and invest it in home furnishings, a hot tub or any of the other below-retail goodies the store sells, you can do that, instead, and pay for your kitchen over time.

Northeast Factory Direct has three locations: 3321 W. 140th Street in Cleveland, 216-941-7727, 24470 Lakeland Blvd., in Euclid, 440-942-7945, and 9009 Freeway Drive in Macedonia, 330-436-3960. Hours for the Cleveland and Euclid locations are Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Sunday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. To sit down with a kitchen designer, an appointment is recommended. Get directions from anywhere when you visit the website at