More than French fries

Should Business Owner be your next job title? FranNet guides people toward a successful business opportunity.

By Terese McGroarty, FranNet of Northern Ohio

Have you been downsized? Are you tired of corporate America? 

Have you thought, “I should own my own business?”

Are you retirement age but not ready to retire?

Many people have made the decision to improve their lives and work-life balance by purchasing a franchise with guidance from FranNet. 

In order to find the right opportunity for you, I administer a Personal Franchise Assessment. After the assessment is completed, I sit down with you and ask questions to determine the best franchise to fit your lifestyle. 

You don’t need to have experience in a specific industry to purchase a franchise. For example, you do not need to have automotive experience to be successful in the automotive field. Franchisors are looking for people who know how to manage their staff and their finances. 

I make my clients do their due diligence. I have them call current franchisees and I give them the questions to ask the franchisor. When a client has decided to buy the franchise, they know all the ins and outs of it and there are no surprises. That is what makes them successful. In fact, FranNet clients experience a greater level of success, with 85 percent still in business after five years.

FranNet is very selective about which franchises are permitted in their inventory. They must have a 95 percent success rate and offer clients the opportunity to make a six-figure income. When purchasing a franchise, you are purchasing a proven business model. Franchise ownership leaves room for independence, but less room for error.

I provide free consultations and seminars for people interested in exploring franchise ownership. There are more than 3,100 franchises in over 80 different industries. It is more than hamburgers and French fries. Franchise ownership is another option to a career in corporate America.

And I speak from experience. Along with my husband, I owned three Shell gas stations and a Goodyear store from 1981 to 2005. 

There’s opportunity out there. Use a local franchise consultant and ask lots of questions.

FranNet of Northern Ohio is located at 4026 Royalton Road in Brecksville. You can reach Terese at 216-598-7580 or by email at for a free consultation. For more information and a list of events and online seminars, visit

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