Meet the Artist: Marianne Hite

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The art of reflection: Magically bringing to life the ambiguous medium of glass.

By Kelli Comer

The reflective and beautiful quality of glass creates the perfect canvas for an artist to work their magic on. Local artist Marianne Hite uses her expressive style to employ a variety of techniques to her glasswork. She creates slumped and fused kiln-formed glass jewelry, vessels, wall hangings and art objects.

“Living in Northeast Ohio offers many fascinating scenes of the changing seasons,” Marianne explains. “This spectrum allows me to gain inspiration throughout the year. During the winter months, I can spend time inside my studio without many distractions. While the outside world is cold and quiet, I become more in tune with myself and gather inspiration. In the summer, I observe the world come back to life and I honor the spirit of rejuvenation in my self-expression.”

When Marianne introduces new materials into her creations, they often yield unexpected and fascinating results. Her figurative pieces range from maquettes to life-size figures, and the hallmark of her work is the use of enameling techniques that she has carried into her glass work using gold or silver foil and silver wire.

Recently, Marianne began incorporating photographic imagery into her work. The imagery has allowed her to express intricate details that she was unable to achieve previously with the medium. Using this technique, she takes images of nature and animates them in her artwork.

“When light is emitted or reflected through glass, it lends a certain quality to the piece that nothing else can duplicate,” she explains. “Moreover, the effects of heat, timing, and gravity ensure each piece its own identity. I find experimenting with such a distinct and elusive medium invigorating.”

A graduate of Kent State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Marianne has turned her passion for art into a lucrative and fulfilling career. She has been teaching glass fusing classes since 2000—first at The Steinert Glass School in Kent until its closure in 2006, then at Peninsula Art Academy in 2007.

Marianne has an active class schedule as an instructor at Peninsula Art Academy. Her class offerings include: fused glass fantasy flower workshop, fused glass fish workshop, fused glass yard bird workshop and stained glass.

Marianne Hite

“Dabbling with intriguing materials sparks my interest and imagination, which keeps me motivated,” smiles Marianne. “I love making art because I can connect directly with others in a visual manner, and I hope my work evokes the same inspiration I feel while I am creating it.”

To reach Marianne, you can email her at To learn more about the artist, her work and to shop online, visit To view Marianne’s schedule and to register for classes, visit

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