Meet the Artist: Cyndi Reilly

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Cyndi creates wheel thrown, small batch pottery in white stoneware at her home studio in Solon, where she lost a garage but gained a studio space.

By Kelli Comer

Some things in life stick with you from a young age. An interest that you’re fascinated by can make its way into your everyday life and even become your livelihood if you’re lucky. Local artist Cyndi Reilly found a love of pottery at age 13 while attending a class at Valley Art Center that has continued to flourish as the years go by, transforming into higher education and now, her full-time career.

Throughout her teenage years, Cyndi continued to take classes and create pottery. She attended Marietta College where she studied ceramics. Upon completion of her studies, Cyndi continued to hone her craft through workshops at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, the Jewish Community Center and the College of Wooster.

In her early 20s, Cyndi returned to Valley Art Center and enmeshed herself into the local art scene. Along with her friend Rose, she found herself throwing pots, doing all the gas firings and making the glazes while also teaching classes at the Center. Cyndi did this for years until life, kids and jobs altered her path. During Cyndi’s time at Valley Art Center, the Art By the Falls Art Show came to fruition. “I was in awe hearing of all the applications, the jury process and the great potters and artists being included,” she says. “It was so intimidating—if only someday I could ever be able to participate myself, if my work could ever be considered good enough. Recently, 50 years after I took that first pottery class, I was accepted into the 38th annual Art By the Falls Art Show. Never give up on your dreams—sometimes patience and timing are the key.”

Cyndi’s travels really get her creative juices flowing. “I like to take inspiration from nature and my travels,” she says. “The vibrant blue waters of southeast Asia, the lush green of South America’s rainforests and the diverse colorful textiles of Cuba. I love to be able to take advantage of the beautiful colors of glaze now available. My big hope is that the pieces I sell will be used often in their new homes.”

Cyndi creates wheel thrown, small batch pottery in white stoneware at her home studio in Solon, where she lost a garage but gained a studio space. Her pieces are functional and affordable, apt for daily use. She occasionally offers workshops at her studio, which are listed at as they occur.

Soon, Cyndi will have her very own storefront at City Goods in Cleveland, located at 1442 West 28th Street.

Cyndi Reilly

“I quit my ‘day job’ in April 2022 to pursue my love of clay,” Cyndi says. “I spent last summer creating and participating in art shows, where I love connecting with the patrons. I can do custom pieces and unique wedding or shower favors. The sky is the limit.”

To reach Cyndi, you can email her at To shop online, view an upcoming show schedule and learn more, visit Follow Cyndi on Instagram @ClarkPotteryStudio. The items Cyndi posts to her Instagram page are available for purchase.

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