Maximum impact in a minimum amount of time

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At Jeff Tomaszewski’s (left) MaxStrength Fitness, private, one-on-one, trainer-led workouts only take 20 minutes, twice a week. He’s pictured with Chuck Simon.

By Patricia Nugent

We create meaningful educational content based on scientific studies that addresses issues such as sound nutrition, mindfulness, productivity and personal development. Like a family, we want them to feel they are part of something bigger, and I believe that’s one of the biggest reasons for our success and sustainability.”

He explains that once clients start at MaxStrength, they tend to stay with them, realizing that their health is well worth the investment.

“They understand that paying us now will pay off later with them avoiding doctors, medications and joint replacements,” he says. “We pave the way for people to age gracefully, functionally and actively. And once people hit their goals, it takes work to maintain that. We excel at keeping them motivated and energized.”

Twenty Minutes, Twice a Week
Many unique elements of the program almost seem too good to be true.

First of all, the trainers don’t want you to spend loads of time in the gym.

“Our private, one-on-one, trainer-led workouts only take 20 minutes, twice a week,” says Jeff. “The specialized, proprietary equipment makes for challenging workouts designed to safely fatigue the muscles. Spacing them apart during the week gives the muscles ample time to rebuild.”

Another aspect of the protocol that clients love is they don’t get sweaty, as studio temps are kept chilly. Without the added time of having to shower after, workouts can easily fit into anyone’s busy schedule.

Battling Back from Leukemia
“Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. You’ve got to embrace it!” says Chuck Simon of Bay Village, who, at age 75, shows no signs of slowing down. He’s still working as a tax attorney, skis in the winter, scuba dives, sails on Lake Erie and in Key West, plays tennis, and enjoys travelling with his wife and visiting his three adorable grandchildren.

In 2018, however, his story had taken a challenging turn when Chuck was diagnosed with leukemia and required a bone marrow transplant.

“The doctors told me the procedure had only a 35% success rate,” he says. “They had given me 16 months to live without it, and I didn’t care for that prognosis, so I underwent the transplant in June of 2019. After that I spent a month in the hospital recovering.”

During that time, he said the medical staff marveled at how fit and active he was, walking on the treadmill every day. He credits that to his long-term relationship with the trainers at MaxStrength—12 years to be exact.

“I was 72 years old at the time of the transplant, and the doctors said they wouldn’t have taken me on if I wasn’t so fit, and have never smoked,” he says. “For me, MaxStrength has been crucial to my physical and mental health as it provides a source of discipline and regimen. I love waking up and coming here.”

He says the two things he admires most about the studio is the professional attention from the trainers, as they follow every movement, making sure his form is precise, and the feeling of family.

“They are all looking out for you,” he adds. “Today, the doctors tell me that since the bone marrow transplant was a success, I am cured. I’m thankful to Jeff and his wonderful staff for all they’ve done to push me out of my comfort zone and stay in great shape.”

MaxStrength Fitness is located at 2211 Crocker Road in Westlake or 4212 State Route 306 in Willoughby. Just call 440-835-9090 for Westlake or just call 440-226-8080 for Willoughby, or visit for more information or to see more testimonials.