Look and breathe your best

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You don’t have to suffer with nasal problems and have a nose that bothers you. Dr. Michael Yerukhim is uniquely qualified to fix the inside while correcting the outside. (Photography: Victoria Standbridge)

By Laura Briedis

Particularly qualified as both a facial plastic surgeon and ENT specialist, Dr. Michael Yerukhim can help you look and breathe your best.

“We treat patients from start to finish — from evaluation to treatment and recovery — always starting with the least invasive options first,” says Dr. Yerukhim, who is a double board-certified otolaryngologist and facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. After training at two of the country’s most prestigious medical schools—Case Western Reserve University and Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York—he now has his own private practice, located in Middleburg Heights, dedicated to treating issues of the head and neck, with a focus on the face and nose.

Breathe Your Best
You don’t have to suffer with nasal issues, as I can treat the entire scope of nasal problems,” says Dr. Yerukhim. “There are many medical issues in your nose and sinuses that can lead to the misery of chronic stuffy nose, constant drainage, difficulty breathing, or facial pain.”

Combining his double-board certified expertise in facial plastic surgery and ENT, Dr. Michael Yerukhim helps patients look and breathe their best by ensuring that both functional (breathing) and cosmetic (appearance) issues of the nose are addressed.

After Dr. Yerukhim diagnoses the problem, he takes the most minimally invasive approach, first treating with medicines or in-office procedures before even considering surgery. “There are many procedures I can do in my office which make my treatments more convenient and more cost-effective, with minimal to no downtime,” he says. “These include Balloon Sinuplasty to treat the sinuses, the ClariFix procedure to treat chronic runny nose, and Latera Nasal Implants to stiffen up the sidewalls and help patients breathe better.”

One of the specialties of the practice is Balloon Sinuplasty. It is a newer, minimally invasive procedure that can be performed in the office. Dr. Yerukhim uses it to expand sinus pathways and restore natural sinus function in a minimally invasive fashion. This procedure is particularly helpful for those with sinus headaches, as well as barometric pressure headaches when the weather changes. Only when these office procedures are not sufficient will Dr. Yerukhim use his extensive surgical expertise to address the more severe nasal problems.

With a friendly and approachable demeanor, Dr. Yerukhim educates his patients and makes sure they are a part of the decision-making process. And on many days in the office, a licensed therapy dog, Wickett (a teacup Pomeranian), helps put patients further at ease.

Look Your Best
As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Yerukhim is a rhinoplasty expert.

“Although rhinoplasty is often thought of as cosmetic, it consists of myriad maneuvers for a variety of purposes, including correcting medical issues, such as blocked breathing,” says Dr. Yerukhim, noting that his patients are equally split between men and women. “Nasal modifications can improve a person’s appearance, improve breathing and dramatically improve quality of life.” Rhinoplasty can make the nose larger or smaller, change its angle, alter the tip, correct bumps, indentations or other defects, and it can also be performed for strictly medical reasons to allow people to breathe their best.

This patient before rhinoplasty (l) and after (r). Dr. Michael Yerukhim helps patients look and breathe their best by ensuring that both functional (breathing) and cosmetic (appearance) issues of the nose are addressed.

For the right patient, Dr. Yerukhim also offers liquid rhinoplasty, where fillers are used instead to reshape the nose, without the risks, cost and recovery associated with surgery.

Total Face Rejuvenation
In addition to the full range of procedures focusing on the nose, Dr. Yerukhim offers a full spectrum of services for facial rejuvenation, from Botox and fillers to surgical face-lifts, lip lifts and beyond.

There are lots of places offering Botox and fillers, but Dr. Yerukhim is exceptionally qualified. As a facial plastic surgeon, he truly understands the facial anatomy and gets precise results. With the hands of a classically trained violinist, he finds the perfect balance between the science and the art of facial plastic surgery to keep patients looking their absolute best.

Septoplasty (internal changes) and rhinoplasty (external changes) can assist patients with breathing issues while also enhancing their appearance. Often, a patient’s insurance can cover the medically necessary portions of the procedure. A consultation with Dr. Yerukhim can answer any questions that you may have about which procedure is right for you.

Beyond injections, Dr. Yerukhim offers Profound RF, which might be the perfect non-surgical anti-aging treatment. One of the first providers in Northeast Ohio to offer this leading-edge option, Dr. Yerukhim specializes in this innovative skin-tightening procedure that combines radio frequency energy with microneedling to stimulate the body to create more collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid—the building blocks that keep skin looking smooth and youthful.

“This is just one of the many procedures I can do in an in-office setting that helps patients look and feel better,” he says. “I understand how appearance can impact a person’s self-esteem, sense of well-being and how greatly I can improve their quality of life. It is truly a blessing to have the mastery of both the form and function of the nose and face in order to keep our patients looking and breathing their best.”

Dr. Michael Yerukhim’s medical office is located at 7215 Old Oak Boulevard, Suite A414, in Middleburg Heights. For more information, call 440-816-2776 or visit MYFacialPlastics.com.