Keep walking...even in winter

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By Dr. Sonja Stiller, Center for Advanced Vein Care

As the weather turns cooler and the days grow shorter, there is a natural tendency to spend more time indoors and to be less active. This tendency is exacerbated today by the fact that so many of us have been turning inward and reducing activity for the past 19 months due to the Covid pandemic.

But it’s important to resist the calls of the sofa and the TV and keeping moving. We are, after all, human beings—not bears or squirrels or chipmunks. Our physical and mental health require us to stay active, to move and walk, and to do it outdoors whenever possible.

Walking in the fresh air, sunshine and in the midst of nature (even in winter) not only improves our cardiovascular system, it reduces depression and enhances our outlook on life.

If the weather seems too cold or wet to walk outdoors, try walking in a nearby mall, or explore the indoor track at your local YMCA or wellness center. Ask the staff for the times when the track is less crowded.

And remember that exercise makes you feel warmer, so while it may seem cold when you start your outdoor walk, after 10 minutes or so the temperature may seem quite pleasant.

If you’re less active due to leg fatigue, swelling or achiness as a result of varicose veins, it’s important to get started now so you can have healthy legs by next spring. Varicose vein treatment takes several months and waiting until February or March is too late to enjoy an active healthy summer in 2022.

Give our office a call if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • chronic leg pain
  • fatigue
  • itching
  • burning
  • inflammation
  • leg cramps
  • restless legs syndrome

Dr. Sonja Stiller is a diplomat of both the American Board of Emergency Medicine and the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine. She is the founder of the Center for Advanced Vein Care, a Tier 1 provider with Lake Health Hospital System, located at 7200 Mentor Avenue, in Mentor. For an appointment, call 440-710-1140. More info can be found at