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Inside the My Personal Trainer studio, Jen and Mark Jacoby train twice a week for 20 minutes each time. Outside the studio, they track their daily intake of calories, carbs, fats, protein and water, and any cardio they might do. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Patricia Nugent

Jen and Mark Jacoby were on a slippery slope of eating out most nights, not exercising, and putting on a few pounds as they progressed through their 50s. Though they had tried to do things together, such as joining a big box gym and exercising at home, nothing ever lasted more than a couple months.

When they read about the success story someone had in Mimi Magazine, the lightbulb went on. They decided it was time to join My Personal Trainer in Wadsworth.

“This is the first time we’ve tackled something in terms of our fitness that actually worked,” says Jen. “With both of us working full time, doing the food prep for dinners wasn’t happening and we were in a rut of eating out and takeout. The pandemic didn’t make things easier.”

According to Studio Manager Drew Matak, the couple is a pleasure to work with.

For Jen (with Drew, trainer) and Mark Jacoby (with trainer Spencer), the accountability at My Personal Trainer has been a game changer and say it’s propelled them to stay motivated and on track.

“They are two of the first clients we started working with when we opened in February,” he says. “And they have been wonderful to train. They take everything to heart, tracking their daily intake of calories, carbs, fats, protein and water. We also keep tabs of the cardio they do outside the studio.”

Looking Beyond the Numbers

The couple has succeeded in their goal of losing weight (to date, Jen has lost 27 pounds and Mark 29). But Drew explains at My Personal Trainer, they address a lot more than just the number on the scale.

“A person’s health is a function of many factors, such as building lean muscle tissue, while you’re losing weight,” he says, noting that Jen went from a body fat percentage of 40% to 36%, and that Mark has gone from 35% to 26%.

“Over the past several years, I’d noticed I was losing muscle,” says Mark. “I saw it in the mirror and didn’t like it. Regaining muscle has been a nice benefit of the training. I’ve dropped two pants sizes and am glad I kept a few pairs of smaller jeans in my closet. Jen has dropped a few sizes, too.”

What They Like Best

“I think we’ve had success because of the accountability of having the weekly appointments on our calendar,” says Mark. “And having someone being with you one-on-one motivating you throughout the workouts is a positive thing. The private studio, without other people working out when we are, is great. There’s a personal atmosphere as well. The trainers are so friendly. We look forward to the sessions. We feel like they push us harder than we would push ourselves.”

They say that tracking their food intake has become a good habit that keeps them doing healthy meal prep at home again. “But we still have a cheat day of going out to dinner and not tracking on Saturday,” she confides.

Being in better shape has spilled over to other areas of their lives. They report they’re falling asleep faster and sleeping better, as well as going on more trail runs with their adorable Jack Russell Jasmyn.

Meet the Team

New to Wadsworth this year, the trainers at My Personal Trainer studio have enjoyed meeting new clients and helping them attain their health and wellness goals.

Heath Burkholder

Heath Burkholder (studio owner and trainer)

With 15 years of training experience, Heath has several certifications in personal training and nutrition. He also has a degree in health education and multiple certifications from his years in the Marine Corps, when he earned a black belt in martial arts. This lifelong athlete says he enjoys motivating others to take charge of their health and wellness and partnering with them to achieve results they couldn’t on their own.

Drew Matak

Drew Matak (studio manager and trainer)Throughout college, while studying physical therapy, and his early career, Drew always did personal training on the side and as a hobby for family and friends. Like many folks, Covid changed his career track. He was working for a company that went out of business and had an aha moment to return to his passion of helping people. He researched several studios and found the science-driven, evidence-based philosophy at MPT was the best fit for him. Drew was born and raised in a small Ohio town and says he feels at home with the warm and friendly people of Wadsworth.

Spencer Schrubb

Spencer Schrubb (trainer) As a competitor in national body-building championships, Spencer is uniquely qualified to help people achieve their best possible physique. After graduating from Highland High School, he became certified as a trainer and came to work at MPT. He feels satisfied helping people reach their goals and feels invested in them throughout their journies.

My Personal Trainer studios are located in Wadsworth (104 High Street, 330-331-7552), Medina (3733 Stonegate Drive, next to the Hobby Lobby Plaza, 330-723-3009), Strongsville, Broadview Heights and Westlake. For more information, visit