Jeff Tomaszewski’s MaxStrength Fitness is opening in Strongsville, and here’s how his proprietary formula for maximizing time spent working out is yielding dramatic results

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Before starting with Jeff Tomaszewski’s MaxStrength Fitness, NASA food scientist Jennifer Brogan researched the options and discovered the two 20-minute workouts each week found here was her recipe for success. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Patricia Nugent

Is there anything more exciting than waiting to open a special package?

Well, the wait is over. The doors to the much-anticipated Strongsville MaxStrength Fitness studio are opening on Monday, September 18.

In its customary nothing-succeeds-like-success fashion, the studio has already welcomed new members. Founder Jeff Tomaszewski reports that demographic research showed Strongsville is a perfect fit with his 16-year-old company’s core values.

“We’ve had an amazing response with initial consultations and are filling up quickly,” he says. “I feel our protocol resonates with busy people who need a plan that fits their lives. Our science-based training helps members reach their optimal level of fitness through only two weekly 20-minute workouts. And since we keep studio temps pleasantly chilly, you enjoy sweat-free workouts so you can come in on your lunch hour or mornings and then go directly to work or wherever without needing a shower.”

Longtime members of the MaxStrength studios in Westlake and Willoughby report that the experience is life-changing and transformational.

“Simply put, we work smarter, not longer,” he says. “Our clients become stronger, gaining muscle mass, flexibility and energy. This is a roadmap to healthier aging. The impact is profound.”

“Strong is the New Skinny”
Meet MaxStrength member Jennifer Brogan. Her high-profile career as a NASA food scientist—working in a laboratory to create meals the astronauts will consume on the International Space Station—means she delves deeply into the science and efficacy of nutrition. She’s adept at analyzing macronutrients that will promote optimum performance.

When it came to optimizing her own physical performance, as a wife and mom to four busy children between the ages of 7 and 11, when she turned 40 last year, she decided to investigate personal training to build strength and endurance. MaxStrength came up as a top-rated choice, so she joined the Westlake location.

“I believe that strong is the new skinny,” she says. “I plan to gain muscle, not lose it as I age.”

One of the aspects she loves about MSF is the lack of “gymtimidation.”

“The studio is very quiet and productive,” she explains. “There are no crowds of other people on machines. It’s just me and the trainer getting the work done. As a very structured person, I thrive in an environment of precision and accountability.”

Grand Opening Ceremonies
On Wednesday, October 4, at 9:30 a.m., don’t miss the official snip of the ribbon to open the MaxStrength Fitness studio. And all are welcome that evening at 6 p.m. for the Open House, with tours, food, fun and giveaways.

Grand Opening One-Time Offer:

  • A free consultation, where they’ll talk about your goals, past medical history, and any pain or injuries you may have, and how to work around them to meet your needs ($150 value).
  • Two free 20-minute sessions, where you’ll experience firsthand the MaxStrength Fitness difference. You’ll develop a real sense of how these workouts can safely transform your body ($108 value).
  • Free InBody Scan to determine your current levels of body fat and muscle mass so your progress can be tracked over time ($97 value).
  • Free six-week lifestyle challenge to change your habits forever ($99 value).
  • Free 101 SuperFoods Report, where they will show you how to make food choices easy and quick ($47 value).
  • Free professional personal coaching and world-class customer service (priceless).

The offer is worth $501, but you can get everything for free. The first 75 people who sign up, will receive two months of free personal training added to any package purchased, as well as be entered into a drawing to win an additional six months of free training.

MaxStrength Fitness is located at 13500 Pearl Road in Strongsville. Call 440-835-9090 or visit for more information.