Is Big Brother at the wheel?

Zinc Oct2017
Telematics is controversial, but it could save you a ton of money.

By Seth Zaremba, Zinc Insurance

When some people hear the word telematics, it immediately brings to mind the idea that Big Brother is watching. Others have no idea what telematics is—or how it can help them save money.

By installing a device on your vehicle, or downloading an app, you allow your insurance company access to your driving habits. Things like speed, braking habits and distances traveled are assessed. If you don’t drive often, measuring the amount of usage your vehicle is actually getting may qualify you for certain discounts beyond the standard low-mileage rate. 

While nobody is tracking your every move, telematics can let your insurance company know if you’re a better-than-average risk, and potentially cut your rates in half. 

Telematics also makes sense for any car driven by a teen. Parents can track the vehicle’s speed and location at all times.

If you want to learn more about how telematics could be of benefit to you and your family, I’d like to invite you to sit down with one of our licensed insurance agents and have an intelligent conversation about your options.

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