If your gutters are fighting a losing battle against damaging icicles, it’s time to heat things up with Gutter Cover Company’s Heater Cap solution

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AFTER: To save local homeowners the pain of ice issues, Gutter Cover Company offers Heater Cap.

By Olivia Bloom

The 2024 Farmers’ Almanac extended winter forecast comes bearing news that most Northeast Ohioans loathe to hear—the bone-chilling weather we typically experience in this area is prepped to make a comeback this winter with cold and snowy conditions on the horizon. When it comes to protecting your home from damaging icicles and build-up in your gutters, one locally owned company rises to the challenge with year-round protection solutions.

“Last year, we had an unusually mild winter,” Gutter Cover Company Owner Jim Carbone says. “This often means a hard, snowy winter is coming this year, just like the Farmers’ Almanac is forecasting. With this weather coming not too far in the future, now is the best time to prepare your gutters to combat it.” To save local homeowners the pain of ice issues, Gutter Cover Company offers Heater Cap.

“This product offers options to property owners who may want to heat only certain problem areas of their gutters, not the entire system,” he says. “We can install them with or without Gutter Topper or most existing gutter guards. We’ve all seen the prehistoric zigzag style of heaters and they simply don’t work. We remove those all the time. Ours is different. It is virtually invisible and is operated by a light switch located inside the home. The heater is safe and emits the perfect amount of heat to stop ice from forming.”

Jim reports that many of his clients install Gutter Topper for leaf protection and add Heater Cap where needed. This can be added at later date as well.

“It’s an elegant solution to the problem,” he says. “We’re able to take a walk around the house and have a conversation with the homeowner to pinpoint exactly where the heaters are needed for optimum effectiveness. In addition to homes, we have installed Heater Cap on many local churches, schools, office buildings and even fire departments.”

BEFORE: This homeowner’s gutters had an extreme build-up of damaging, dangerous icicles.

Five-star customer reviews tell the tale. Leslie L. of Brecksville called Gutter Cover Company after reading about Heater Cap in Mimi Magazine. She wanted to stop her water damage and the dangers of slipping and being hit by falling icicles every time she walked out her front door. “For the first time in over two decades, there’s no ice,” Leslie says. “I’m so happy.”

Eliminate Gutter Cleaning Forever
Gutter Cover Company is a locally owned business and the skilled team has been installing Gutter Topper for over 25 years.

Gutter Topper is a professional guard system that relies on a solid cover slope design that’s superior to any screened products on the market.

“With a patented design, water flows through, but leaves, nests and organic debris do not,” says Jim. “Our affordable product is extremely durable, made of solid aluminum and can handle any weather Northeast Ohio will throw at it. It is installed directly over existing gutters. Customers tell us the lifetime transferrable performance warranty makes a big difference in their decision to install these guards. We have jobs that were installed in the ’90s that still protect gutters with the same effectiveness as the day they were installed.”

The guards come in a variety of attractive colors to complement any home. New seamless gutters are also available if needed.

Jim has plenty of both products in stock, so give him a call before the snow starts to fall, so you can forget about your gutters and have peace of mind that your home is protected.

“We recommend getting a free estimate now for both Gutter Topper and Heater Cap,” he says. “So, when that chilly weather is here to stay and our phones are ringing off the hook, you’ll already be on our install list.”

Call Gutter Cover Company at 440-366-0688 or 800-335-4367 to schedule a complimentary gutter inspection. The company has an A+ rating with the BBB and has received awards from Angi and HomeAdvisor. The products used by Gutter Cover Company are manufactured in the USA. For more information, visit GutterGuard1.com.

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