How to lose weight and keep it off

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All the food Dr. Dachtler recommends can be purchased at your local grocery store. “If you cannot buy it at a grocery, it’s unlikely to become a permanent lifestyle change,” he says. (Pictured is a before photo of a HealthyOne client.)

By Mimi Vanderhaven

It’s the middle of February when most people who made a New Year’s resolution have long ago abandoned it. It’s also a time when you cannot pick up an online device without being inundated with the latest fad diet, pill, injection, shake, packaged meal, or the latest villainous food we should not eat.

If the weight you lost in the first week of the New Year is back, if your Dry January turned right back into Wet February, if you are once again discussing your pledge not to eat out while eating out, you are not alone.

To be highly successful at virtually anything requires support and others to advise you and hold you accountable. Professional athletes have coaches, trainers, and psychologists. Successful businesspeople have mentors, advisors, and networks. And many people who have successfully and permanently lost weight have this guy…

Meet Dr. Frank Dachtler
“At the beginning of every weight loss journey is the initial ‘why,’” says Dr. Frank Dachtler, founder of HealthyOne Weight Loss in Broadview Heights. “For some people, it’s suddenly noticing you have a belly, or you don’t look like you once did in a swimsuit. For others, it’s finally realizing that carrying excess weight is deadly. It can lead to diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, inflammation, sleeplessness and more—and no one wants to be a burden to their family tomorrow because of the lifestyle choices we make today.”

“But, again, that’s at the beginning of the journey,” Dr. Dachtler continues. “Most of my patients are past that point. They already get it. They understand the health and beauty implications. They’ve read every book, listened to every podcast, tried every diet—and nothing has worked long term. That’s when they come see us.”

Achieving True Transformation
Under the HealthyOne program, Dr. Dachtler serves as a health coach who will work directly with you to identify goals and develop a program based specifically on your lifestyle, body type and nutritional needs. And he’s present and personally involved in your success. To help you move forward successfully, you’ll text with him daily and meet with him regularly.

“We help our patients rediscover how to eat and to understand which food combinations are best for their body type,” he explains. “But it’s not just about losing weight. It’s about transformation—improving your overall health, your happiness, and the quality and longevity of your life.”

Under the HealthyOne Weight Loss program, Dr. Dachtler and his team guarantee you’ll lose 20 to 40 pounds in six to eight weeks. Pictured are (left to right): Suzi (Wellness Coordinator), Dr. Brian Miles, DC, Molly (Receptionist), Dr. Frank Dachtler, DC, Director, Shelly (Chiropractic Assistant), Dr. Matt Stasek, DC, and Morgan (Chiropractic Assistant).

Getting Started
With HealthyOne, there are no pre-packaged foods to buy. “Everything we recommend can be bought at your local grocery store,” Dr. Dachtler insists. “If you cannot buy it at a grocery, it’s unlikely to become a permanent lifestyle change.”

Every journey begins with a first step and that sometimes takes encouragement. To help you get started, Dr. Dachtler is offering a simple guarantee: you’ll lose 20 to 40 pounds in six to eight weeks. Plus, the money you save on food, alcohol, dining out, and healthcare costs will far exceed the cost of the program.

Still, as additional encouragement, Mimi will cover $200 of the cost of your program as a reward for being a reader and preserving to the end of this story.

It’s mid-February. In the blink of an eye it will be July. Let’s start the journey today.

HealthyOne Weight Loss is located at 1100 W. Royalton Road, in Broadview Heights. For more about the program or to schedule a consultation, call 440-230-1113. Please visit to learn more.