Hope, survival, and a Speedo

Magic Headshot
The Magic of Life author and drunk driving crash survivor Michael Gershe.

By Olivia Bloom

After being hit by a drunk driver that killed his mother and left him as an infant with nearly every bone in his body broken, Michael Gershe discovered the magic of life. Defying all odds, Michael grew up to become a collegiate swimmer, stand-up comedian, college educator, author, professor, speaker, and founder of a non-profit organization.

Michael has dedicated his life to trying to eliminate impaired driving, so others don’t have to experience the same unimaginable pain as him and countless other families.

In his book, The Magic of Life, Michael explores how he overcame tragedy, grief and depression as a result of the life-changing event that took his mother. He details the richness of a childhood that included being raised by his single father and a remarkable Jamaican woman who stepped in to fill his mother’s role.

Death and grief are something that we as a society we are often afraid to talk about, despite it being the one thing we all go through. Michael shares his unique perspective about loss, and how he finally addressed his grief with a blend of humor and inspiration that will have you both crying and laughing.

The Magic of Life, by Michael Gershe, is available at Amazon.com or at Barnes and Noble. You can find more about Michael and his non-profit foundation at TheMagicOfLife.org.

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