Holiday prep 101

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The team at Northeast Factory Direct reveals how to pull off the perfect Holiday party—for less.

By Beth Newcomb

If you’re a child of the ‘50s, ‘60s or ‘70s, chances are good you have more than one holiday photo featuring an ugly beige metal card table surrounded by four matching chairs. 

Sometimes it served as the bar, sometimes it was the kids’ table, and sometimes it held desserts. But too often the joy of the holiday season was celebrated around this metal marvel in the basement…the only place large enough to hold the entire brood.

Sound familiar?

Modern mavens of holiday festivities tend to tackle their family gatherings a bit differently, with fabulous foods taking center stage and a comfortable place for everyone to sit and enjoy the meal a must.

Here’s how you can combine the nostalgic elements of days gone by with the modern must-haves every host and hostess should include for the perfect holiday gathering.

Cozy in the Kitchen—or Cluttered?
No matter the size of your meal-making area, cozy outshines cluttered any day of the year. 

“People tend to congregate in the kitchen,” says Northeast Factory Direct’s lead kitchen designer, Angelo Lardmomita. 

“If you’re going to be taking on holiday meal prep with guests watching, it’s important to make sure you have plenty of seating. Counter-height stools or chairs are an ideal way to invite people into your work space.”

Right now, NEFD has a solid wood, counter-height table with four matching chairs, normally priced at $799, for just $299—and it’s in stock and available for pickup today. 

Kitchens at NEFD start at $2,000, so while you’re going through your holiday paces this year, pay attention to areas that need improvement, then decide if a budget-friendly remodel is in the cards so future holiday gatherings can go off without a hitch.

“Many people make the decision to remodel their kitchen because they’ve had guests over and realize the limitations of their current design,” he says. “If you like to have people around you while you cook, adding an island with seating makes sense.”

Another place people tend to feel the holiday space pinch is in their kitchen organization. 

“If you have to make several trips to the basement to bring up roasting pans, dishes and glassware, including extra storage space in a kitchen re-design makes good sense,” Angelo says.

After the Meal
Every successful party planner knows that a comfortable guest is a happy guest. So where will you put everyone after the meal has come to an end?

NEFD sells sofas, recliners, reclining sofas and power reclining sofas. On the sales floor right now is a sweet leather power reclining sofa, normally $1,299, priced at just $499—perfect for relaxing—and it’s in stock and available for pickup today.

“Leather sofas like the ones we carry would be out of budget for most people,” Angelo says. “Because our prices are so much lower than the other guys, people can afford to go bigger and better when they shop here.”

It’s important to emphasize that while the selection available at Northeast Factory Direct is vast, you won’t be buying the floor model that you and a hundred other people have taken for a test drive. Everything is ordered as it’s purchased. There are no membership fees to shop here, and the dramatic discounts offered by NEFD come standard—every day of the year.

“Our prices are way lower on the same items sold at other stores in the area,” Angelo says. “The difference is we make creating beautiful holiday memories more affordable.”

Northeast Factory Direct has two locations: 3321 W. 140th Street in Cleveland, 216-941-7727, and 24470 Lakeland Blvd., in Euclid, 440-942-7945. Hours for both locations are Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Sunday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. To sit down with a kitchen designer, an appointment is recommended. Get directions from anywhere when you visit the website at