Here’s how Neubert Painting can revitalize your kitchen cabinets for thousands less than a traditional remodel

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AFTER: Most people with kitchens dating back about 20 years or so can save a bundle by having their existing cabinets refinished by Neubert Painting instead of sinking their savings into a total remodel.

By Beth Newcomb

Over the last year, the kitchen remodeling industry experienced a boom unlike any other. Everyone, it seemed, wanted to spruce up their interior space. But a shortage of materials combined with a difficulty in getting them and overloaded contractor schedules meant the price of remodeling went up—way up.

One company decided not to capitalize on the situation, keeping prices at the same affordable lows customers enjoyed before the pandemic.

“Our prices have remained stable,” shares John Neubert, owner of Neubert Painting, an interior and exterior painting leader in Northeast Ohio. “What that means to our customers is we can dramatically change the look of a kitchen for around $5,000—and there isn’t weeks or months of downtime.”

Most people with kitchens dating back about 20 years or so can save a bundle by having their existing cabinets refinished instead of sinking their savings into a total remodel. And if you’re considering taking advantage of the red-hot seller’s market, a quick trendy kitchen cabinet update can easily translate into profit come closing time.

Neubert Painting offers an exclusive factory finish for kitchen cabinets, which means yours can sport a fresh-from-the-designer-showroom look for about $4,000-$6,000. “Our team uses a systematic approach to achieve a hard-as-nails, durable finish—and the quality is amazing. When cabinets are sprayed properly, they’ll easily last another 10-15 years,” John says.

And the timeframe for Neubert’s team of expert craftsmen to work their magic is typically less than a week. “We take old wood cabinets and make them look like new,” says John.

The Neubert Painting technique is something the average do-it-yourselfer simply can’t achieve. “We use cabinet-grade lacquer to coat each door and frame,” John explains. “There is a huge difference between our method and DIYers trying to do it themselves. If you cheap out, you’ll end up with chipping, peeling cabinets that can’t be fixed. And even if the paint does stick, it eventually wears away in spots.”


Another issue to contend with is bleed-through. “We had a prospective customer initially hire another painter who did not use the correct primer. This caused the tannin from the wood to bleed through and the white finish to turn brown. The contractor who painted this refused to come back and fix it.” John explained.

John says it’s important to pick the right company—the first time. “Our craftsmen are experts at refinishing cabinets,” John says. “It’s all they do. We aren’t practicing at this. We’ve done hundreds of kitchens. We spray our coating on to produce a true factory finish. You can’t tell the difference between our refinishing and the finish on a brand-new cabinet. It’s that spectacular.”

The Neubert team removes all doors and drawers and takes them back to the shop where they’re prepped with a Festool dustless sanding system before painting. All knobs and pulls are removed and labeled so they can be reinstalled. Cabinets are de-glossed with a strong cleaner and any oil or grease is removed. A specialty bonding primer is used before your doors and drawers are finished with Neubert’s premium factory finish.

John says his cabinet revitalization is always a winner, but in the unlikely event a customer has an issue, Neubert includes a five-year warranty on every job, should anything happen.

“Quality is vital to longevity,” John insists. “We can beautifully and professionally take your cabinets wherever you want them to go—and we’ll do it for less.”

If you’re ready to save thousands of dollars on the cost of a kitchen cabinet update, you can call Neubert Painting at 216-529-0360 to schedule an estimate. Learn more about this locally recognized company at Neubert also specializes in wood home exteriors, aluminum siding refinishing and interior painting.

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