Here’s how Exactly can help you to sell your home for the most money

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Exactly founder Kevin Waise says charging a flat fee for listing and selling a home, instead of a percentage of the sale, is just fairer—and nets the seller more profit.

By Laura Briedis

When looking for a home, it’s typically all about location, location, location. When selling your home, however, it’s all about the numbers. Maximizing the profit is the goal of most sellers.

Exactly real estate company has a business model that does exactly that.

This innovative brokerage was founded on the principle of flat-rate pricing. Instead of taking a percentage of the sale, Exactly charges a flat fee while providing the same full-service amenities as other companies.

“The real estate industry has changed over the past 30 years, but commissions have stayed the same,” says Kevin Wasie, owner of one of the fastest growing real estate firms in the area. “Our philosophy is more fair and results in higher profits for homeowners.”

When selling your house, there are two mandatory fees, regardless if you sell the home yourself or hire a real estate agent:

  • County conveyance fee, for processing paperwork. In Cuyahoga and Summit Counties, the fee is $4 for every $1,000 of the home’s sale price. In Medina County, it is $3 per $1,000. This fee is usually paid by the seller but can be negotiated.
  • Title and escrow fees, for the closing protection letter, contract closing fee, processing fee, settlement fee, title search fee and deed preparation. This usually adds up to approximately $900 that the seller pays. Plus, there is a higher title insurance fee that the buyer and seller typically split and is based on the sale price.

If you hire an agent to sell your home, then the third mandatory cost is a real estate broker commission, which locally averages 5.9% of the sales price.

“This is where we save homeowners money,” says Kevin. “For example, if you sell your $350,000 home with a traditional real estate agent, the commission due is $20,650. But with Exactly, we charge a $4,800 flat listing fee. If the buyer does have a real estate agent, we help you set a fair commission for their agent. If there is no buyer’s agent, then there is no buyer’s agent commission. Our average client saves about $8,500 when selling their home with us.”

To figure out your exact costs and profit, plug in your numbers into Exactly’s free online calculator, at

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