Here’s how AcuLaser Treatment and Wellness Centre can help you permanently take the weight off

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For Luciana McCartney (right), the opening of AcuLaser in Brecksville is a dream that’s been years in the making. She had outgrown her previous location in Broadview Heights and decided the time was right for a change of scenery. She’s pictured with Lindsay Barringer, a licensed massage therapist and certified lymphedema therapist of Healnetic Therapy. (Photography: Francis Angelone)

By Patricia Nugent

“Loss” is the nasty little four-letter word in any weight loss program. It stands for calorie cutting, hunger and deprivation. The worst part? Even if you do manage to lose weight, the odds are solidly stacked against you keeping it off. Experts suggest as many as 90% of dieters regain the weight after they’ve lost it.

A Positive, Proactive Approach
At the AcuLaser Treatment and Wellness Centre in Brecksville, founder and cold laser specialist Luciana McCartney offers the Weight Health Program to help people rethink their diet in a healthy way—without deprivation—and ultimately reach their optimum weight.

“Now more than ever, people are looking objectively at the state of their health and seeking more natural approaches,” she says. “Through low-level laser therapy to stimulate pressure points on the body, combined with lymphatic drainage massage, we can help curb food cravings and sugar withdrawal, rev up the metabolism and detox the body’s cells.”

The 90-day program includes three monthly laser treatments and one lymphatic drainage massage. It begins with a consultation. Luciana meets one-on-one with the client to find out about his or her eating habits. She gives them a helpful booklet with eating recommendations to follow.

“I put people on a path to eating cleaner,” she says. “Laser acupuncture helps rebalance the body, easing it through the shift of eliminating sugar. The weight naturally comes off.”

Lymphatic drainage massage helps support AcuLaser’s Weight Health Program by speeding detox and metabolism, as well as breaking up localized fat, such as cellulite.

Stimulating the Lymphatic System
“An important part of the circulatory system and immune system, the lymphatic system is a network of vessels that carry lymph to the lymph nodes to be filtered, and make new lymph,” explains licensed massage therapist Lindsay Barringer of Healnetic Therapy at the Centre. “The lymph carries metabolic waste and needs to be pushed through the system without weakness or congestion, which causes the body to swell with inflammation.”

Lymphatic drainage massage helps the body push out fluid and toxins at up to 10 times its normal rate.

“It helps support the Weight Health Program by speeding detox and metabolism, as well as breaking up localized fat, such as cellulite,” says Lindsay. “This time of year especially, with people eating rich and salty foods they don’t regularly eat, they can become bloated. This massage helps with that.”

Instead of addressing muscle tissue, like a relaxation massage does, lymphatic drainage is gentler, with longer rhythmic strokes.

“People say that afterward they feel extremely relaxed,” she adds.

In addition to the AcuLaser Weight Health Program, Luciana McCartney has also had success with laser acupuncture in the areas of smoking cessation and stress relief.

The Road to Weight Loss “Forever Changed”
Here are just a few of the scores of people locally who have achieved success with the 90-day Weight Health Program.

“All I can tell you is how happy I am. I feel better, I sleep better and, more importantly, I eat better. I’m on my last month and have lost 15 pounds so far. I have learned so much. Thank you!” says Patrice Y. of Berea.

Erin A. from Chardon just finished her 90-day program. “I have learned so much about how weight health is vital to weight loss. This approach to balancing the body has finally made me see the big picture. My road to weight loss will be forever changed and I love it!”

For Paul G. of Cleveland, the magic number on the scale is 30 pounds lighter than before he began the program. “It is super easy, and the tools given to help me along the way were great. I especially love how my metabolism has increased significantly. I highly recommend this program!”

In addition to the Weight Health Program, Luciana says the Centre has also had success with therapeutic, deep tissue, pre-natal massage, and laser acupuncture in the areas of smoking cessation (the brain produces natural opiates to overcome cravings and addictions) and stress relief.

AcuLaser Treatment and Wellness Centre is located at 7000 Fitzwater Road, Suite 230, in Brecksville. Call 440-740-1020 or visit for more information.