Here’s how a beautifully designed warehouse space can make all the difference in your flooring installation experience

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It’s not just what’s happening in Brian Erickson’s (right, pictured with Warehouse Manager Edward Blackburn) wildly popular Floorz stores that sets his business apart. Find out why what’s happening behind the scenes makes doing business with Floorz an extraordinary experience. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Beth Newcomb

“We want to be the best,” says Brian Erickson, owner of Floorz in Strongsville and Montrose. “But in order to be the best, you have to commit to the operational side of the business, not just the front of the house.”

That’s why earlier this year, Floorz completed construction on a 20,000-square-foot warehouse located in Brecksville. And it’s Brian’s meticulous attention to detail that is certain to catapult his Floorz to the top.

Beautifully designed, the Floorz warehouse experience is as much a customer-focused environment as the retail stores—even though most customers will never see it. A gorgeous front entry welcomes you into a stunning composition of offices, which leads to a spotless warehouse. It’s this hub of activity that has the greatest impact.

Brian was careful to ensure the space would accommodate customer demand today, tomorrow and well into the future. A look to one side reveals industrial shelving stacked with palleted orders ready to go out. Everything is prepared, from the materials and trim to adhesive and caulk, so installers simply need to back their trucks up to one of four bays to load up and be on their way.

In addition to housing all of the stock the stores carry, the new Floorz warehouse is the central hub for all outgoing jobs, custom binding, trim creation, and contractor flooring selection.

So, what does this level of organization really mean to the customer?

Wait times for installation have been slashed and installers aren’t running to the hardware store because they’re missing a tube of caulk or box of nails. Jobs can be completed more efficiently, which saves on overhead, which means prices can remain competitive.

As I tour the rest of the decidedly non-industrial space that comprises the warehouse, Brian points out key in-progress areas that will again set his Floorz apart.

An in-house binding area means that customers can select any piece of carpeting, or a remnant from an installed job, and have it turned into an area rug. “We’ll no longer have to send those requests out,” Brian shares. “We can quickly and affordably create custom rug sizes right here.”

A room with steel doors located off to one side will be the area for the custom creation, painting and staining of molding, which means Floorz can produce in house the perfect finishing touches for any kitchen or bathroom remodel. It also means that if you have a particular kind of molding in your home, or you need a specifically sized piece of floor trim, they can make it for you.

And, finally, an in-progress space for commercial and builder/new construction clients is being constructed to allow for quick and easy flooring choices for your new space. Commercial and builder/new construction clients will be able to visit the warehouse, meet with a designer, and choose from samples specific to their space and budget, without having to visit one of the stores.

Wait times for installation have been slashed and installers aren’t running to the hardware store because they’re missing a tube of caulk or box of nails. A look to one side of the new Floorz warehouse reveals industrial shelving neatly stocked with everything they need for a job.

“One of the biggest reasons for creating this type of warehouse is to bring in house everything we previously had to outsource,” Brian shares. “It’s just one more way to enhance the customer experience. Now there’s no waiting for certain elements of a job to be completed, and there’s no downtime during installations.”

Remodeling with Floorz
“Our project managers have years of experience in the home remodeling and construction industries, so we’re able to take on even the most complex jobs,” Brian says. “Every person who decides to remodel with us is assigned a personal project manager who is with them from start to finish.”

“Every installation, whether it’s flooring or a total kitchen or bathroom remodel, has to meet our quality standards,” Brian adds. “One of the biggest complaints people have told us is they don’t feel confident in the contractor they’ve chosen for previous remodeling jobs. With us, that is never an issue. You can feel 100% sure your project is going to be installed beautifully and flawlessly. And we don’t just stake our reputation on it. We guarantee it.”

Floorz is at 17100 Royalton Road, in Strongsville, 440-638-1388. In Montrose, find Floorz at 143 Rothrock Road, 330-630-3330. Hours for both stores are Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m.-8 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; closed Sunday. For more information, visit