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Coffee education is like discovering a whole new world.

By Tom Nemeth, Owner; Fig Leaf Coffee Company

How do you take your coffee? Strong, with cream, sugar, or even bourbon? We like it the way we like it. However, there is an ideal way to brew coffee that just might change the way you enjoy yours.

Coffee education is like discovering a whole new world. At Fig Leaf Coffee, we teach you about each type we offer and how to enjoy your best cup at home. First, try it black. Our coffee is roasted to bring out the best flavor in the beans. Trying it black gives you a baseline so you know how much cream, sugar, or bourbon to add.

At Fig Leaf, we brew different ways, but I brew my own coffee in the Chemex (keh-meks) brewer. This produces the most flavorful cup of coffee of any brewing process.

You’ll need a Chemex brewer and filters, gooseneck kettle, spring water, kitchen scale and thermometer. All these items are available at Fig Leaf in a brewing kit.

Steps to the perfect cup:

  • Water temperature between 195 and 205 degrees. Too hot, the water strips the oils from the coffee too fast, producing a bitter cup. Too cool doesn’t allow the flavorful coffee oils to be released, resulting in a sour cup.
  • Grind should be medium course in size, like sea salt. Too fine, the water sits too long on the coffee producing bitter notes. Too coarse, the water absorbs too fast producing sour notes.
  • Use one rounded tablespoon (seven grams) of coffee for every five-ounce cup. This produces a semi-strong, full-flavor cup. Measuring helps you reproduce the brew each time. Use a gooseneck kettle for pour-over accuracy.

Stop in Fig Leaf Coffee for the essentials and let us be the map that guides you on your journey to the perfect cup of coffee.

Fig Leaf Coffee is located in West Geauga Plaza Shopping Center at 12628 Chillicothe Road in Chesterland. For more information call 216-645-6167. The web address is

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