From Start to Finish: The Baths R Us Installation Process

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Baths R Us, which installs more than 1,500 new bathrooms each year, invited Mimi behind the scenes to understand its entire bathroom remodeling process from start to finish—in just 2-3 days.

By Mimi Vanderhaven

When it comes to home improvement projects, most of us have at least one horror story of hiring a contractor who was inexperienced, unprofessional, or a downright scoundrel. That’s why it is so important to know exactly who is coming into your home, what they are going to do, and how long it will take.

Chad Howman, founder of Baths R Us

One popular home improvement project right now is a fast and affordable bathroom remodel that doesn’t require expensive and time-consuming tile work. So Mimi sat down with Baths R Us founder Chad Howman, who started his company at the beginning of the trend and now installs more than 1,500 new bathrooms every year. Mimi wanted to know exactly what his team does—the entire process from start to finish.

In the accompanying photos, we focused on a recent project for a Baths R Us client who had earlier hired two other contractors and had disappointing experiences. “The other contractors left this homeowner without a working shower,” Chad explains. “They simply left the job unfinished, and they even covered one of the heating vents with drywall. We stepped in after the homeowners had lived for months with this dysfunctional bathroom. We gave them an entirely new bathroom with a new vanity, a clean working shower, and brand-new floors in just three days.”

Here’s the Baths R Us process:

Getting Started

Step 1: A Baths R Us professional designer arrives for an initial design consultation and estimate, during which the homeowners choose the style and color for their bathroom, including the shower and accessories.

“The first thing we do is schedule a design consultation,” Chad says. “We install American-made acrylic featuring laser etching that looks like grout but is much easier to maintain and doesn’t develop mold or mildew. So during your consultation, you’ll meet with a designer who will help you choose from different style and finish options, including the look of marble, granite, quartz, or subway tiles. We’ll also discuss any accessories you might want, like sinks, cabinetry, toilets, fixtures, flooring, and lighting.”

Step 2: The existing tub and/or shower are removed all the way down to the studs, which are evaluated for any existing water damage.
Step 3: If doing a complete remodel, the sink, toilet, floor, and accessories are also removed

Day 1: The Tear-Out

After the consultation and the homeowners have made their design choices, the Baths R Us professionals begin their work. “We don’t just install panels over existing tile; that’s a recipe for hidden mold and mildew,” Chad says. “Instead, we do a complete tear-out of your current tub or shower right down to the studs. We need a secure foundation, so we want to make sure there is no existing water damage. And if you are doing a complete remodel, we also remove the sink, vanity, toilet, flooring, shelving, medicine cabinets, mirrors, and towel bars. Then we make sure everything is clean and ready for installation.”

Step 4: The first step of the installation process is installing the new floor.
Step 5: The shower begins to be installed.

Day 2: Installation

The next day, the Baths R Us crews begin the installation—from the ground up. “We start with the floor, which supports everything,” Chad explains. “Then we install the toilet and vanity. Our American-made vanities are furniture-grade wood with dovetail drawers, and they feature soft-close, factory-finished drawers and doors, either painted or stained. After the toilet and vanity, we install the shower.

“But it’s important for your readers to know that our installers are professionals who receive extensive training on the process, including apprenticing with a master craftsman. And these our own employees, not subcontractors.”

Chad makes an important point. Many bathroom remodelers hire the cheapest subcontractors they can find, provide no training, offer no benefits, then let them go the minute they don’t have enough work to keep them busy. These workers are often underpaid and don’t like their jobs.

“You don’t want that guy in there remodeling your bathroom,” Chad says. “At Baths R Us, our installers are the lifeblood of our company—and we treat them that way. They are actual W-2 employees with good pay and benefits, insurance, 401(k), vehicles, the works. We always keep them busy, and they love their jobs. It shows in the work they do.”

Step 6: Finishing touches.

Day 3: Finishing Touches

“On the last day of the project the team installs the finishing touches,” Chad says. “During the design process, the homeowner chooses accessories from many different styles and colors, from brushed brass or nickel to trendy black. These include shower heads, faucets, seats, and grab bars. Once the accessories are installed and we’ve cleaned up everything, the bathroom is ready to be enjoyed by the homeowner. And the entire process usually takes two or three days depending on the scope of the project. And we do this over 1,500 times a year. That’s one reason why we’re so fast, professional, and affordable.”


Headquartered in Medina, Baths R Us services homes throughout Ohio. Call 216-677-5575 to schedule a free estimate and design consultation or visit to explore more dramatic before and after photos of bathroom makeovers. And visit the company’s Facebook page featuring lots of fabulous links for design inspiration.