Forget the high-deductible heath plan: Dr. Richard Berry, founder of Maple Health Direct Primary Care, offers a better way to get and stay well

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Maple Health DPC is a membership-based, direct primary care practice. Pictured: founding physician Richard Berry, MD (far right) with L-R: Courtney Kozek, PA, medical assistant Vanessa Padilla, and receptionist Gina Bergem. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Patricia Nugent

When it comes to healthcare, there is no substitute for quality time spent with your doctor.

Just ask Dr. Richard Berry.

After moving to Northeast Ohio and completing his residency in family medicine at MetroHealth in 2018, the native Brit found himself looking for ways to improve quality and access.

“I was concerned with the lack of time I could spend with patients,” he says. “I had 2,000 patients and barely got 15 minutes with any of them. If a new patient wanted to see me, they had to wait six months for an appointment. In my heart, I knew there was a way to give higher quality care.”

He chose to find a better way, flipping the healthcare model into a patient-centric, members-only practice. Maple Health DPC was founded late last year. The “DPC” stands for “Direct Primary Care,” which means better access to the doctor, longer appointments, and less waiting.

“Now I schedule my appointments hourly,” says Rich. “That means I guarantee adequate time with every patient every time.”

In addition to regular office visits, Dr. Richard Berry performs medical procedures like joint injections, skin tag removals, abscess drainage, EKGs, urine tests, earwax removal and annual physicals—all at no extra charge to members.

A DPC doesn’t take insurance because doctor visits are included in the monthly membership fee. Rich can also handle additional services that might otherwise require an expensive emergency room visit or a referral to another doctor.

“I do sutures right here in the office at no additional charge,” he explains. “So instead of waiting hours in an emergency room, filling out forms, and dealing with insurance companies, just come on in.”

Rich also performs medical procedures, like joint injections, skin tag removals, abscess drainage, EKGs, urine tests, earwax removal and annual physicals—all at no extra charge to members.

The Direct Primary Care Difference
Maple Health members enjoy these privileges:

• Same-day and next-day appointments.
• Complete 24/7 access to your doctor, whether at the clinic, or via video, voice, text, email.
• On-site discount pharmacy, where many items are priced lower than most co-pays.
• Discount lab testing that costs less than most insurance co-pays.
• No long waits and crowded waiting rooms.
• No charge for most in-office procedures.
• Home visits for newborns.

Word about Maple Health has spread, and memberships are selling out quickly. They are well ahead of their target of 600 patients per clinician. “At twelve months, we projected to be at 160 members,” Rich shares. “We are already at 420.”

The model is particularly attractive to people with no insurance or high-deductible medical plans.

“If you have, say, a $7,000 deductible, you really are not insured unless you need surgery,” Rich says.

During visits, Rich is able to dive deep into the state of your wellness.

You and he will review your medical records and lab work and make sure you’re up to date with screenings and other preventative care.

Rich encourages patients to bring a list of health concerns. “That’s the beauty of having so much time together,” he says. “You can ask any and all questions you have.”

In addition to Rich, members can schedule appointments with physician assistant Courtney Kozek, who also specializes in family medicine.

“Courtney worked with me for four years, until I went independent,” he says. “She is a highly talented medical professional, and we are excited to have her join us.”

Rounding out the staff are medical assistant Vanessa Padilla (who is fluent in Spanish) and receptionist Gina Bergem.

Maple Health DPC is located at 7259 Center Street in Mentor. For more information or to schedule a visit with Dr. Richard Berry, call 440-655-8017 or visit