Fitness for people with diseases

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By Kyle Hotz, ACE Owner, Founder; Higher Heights Fitness

We had an amazing experience last month hosting a booth at the Cleveland Marathon Health and Fitness Expo, making great connections and educating people about their fitness. I’m happy to report I finished the half-marathon. It was a journey of accomplishment that was a little out of my comfort zone since I wasn’t really a distance runner growing up.

This month, I’d like to pivot and talk about a segment of our clients who aren’t out there running marathons: people who suffer from chronic, debilitating diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Building muscle mass is a determining factor in lessening the progression of these because it improves overall fitness level, mobility, balance, flexibility and quality of life.

We initiate movements that help coordinate spatial orientation, for instance lifting a right arm and left leg. Working the core is also integral to helping maintain equilibrium and balance.

Our clients like our private setting, with no distractions, and a safe environment for them to work out in. The one-on-one setting, with a professional trainer and specialized equipment, lowers risk of injury.

Training boosts everything from metabolism to mind-body connection and confidence. We are happy to encourage clients to look beyond their limitations and be as active as possible.

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