Find out the power of food and why medicine doesn’t work with Cleveland Nutrition

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By Dr. David Gutman, Cleveland Nutrition

You see your doctor regularly. You get blood tests and colonoscopies. You meticulously keep your pills organized in your pill box and take them every day as directed. Although you diligently go through all the motions of being a “good patient,” you still wonder—will these efforts really improve my health?

Get ready for the ugly truth. Most medications don’t significantly extend lifespan. Take blood pressure pills, for example. For every 125 people that take them daily for five years, only one death is prevented. The reason why doctors continue to prescribe these pills is because when millions of people take them, thousands of lives are extended. This math works for populations, not for individuals.

The problem, of course, is that modern medicine’s approach to treating chronic disease is reactive, not proactive. Your well-intentioned doctor monitors you until you get sick, then bombards you with tests, procedures, and therapies. Our system is one of sick-care, not healthcare.

You don’t become sick because you are deficient in medications. And, contrary to popular belief, the reason why chronic diseases are increasing in prevalence is not because our genes are worsening. It’s because our lifestyle choices and diets are. And that’s good news, because you have the power to change your lifestyle choices.

Join our growing community of patients who we’ve helped successfully overcome their chronic diseases, lose weight, and get off of their medications simply by changing their diet. Let’s work together and get your health back.

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