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Joe Work’s Mr. Level offers a better way to even out shifting concrete—and the results last for about 150 years. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Mimi Vanderhaven

Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.

Five years ago, Joe Work founded Mr. Level, a polyurethane concrete leveling business aimed at fixing uneven, sunken or cracked driveways, sidewalks, walkways and patios, so homeowners don’t have to replace them.

Joe researched the industry and discovered the innovative polyurethane fill method, which is eco-friendly and made in the USA from recycled materials.

“To give homeowners the opportunity to repair so they don’t need to replace was inviting to me,” says Joe, “especially considering the average new driveway installation costs $10,000-$12,000.”

The ingenious method took off, his business grew, and this year Mr. Level has expanded into the Columbus market. Next, his sights are set on Toledo and Pittsburgh, which are in the preliminary planning stages. He recently hired a vice president, Darby Walsh, who brings a dynamic perspective and culture of excellence to the operation.

Five years ago, Joe Work founded Mr. Level, a polyurethane concrete leveling business aimed at fixing uneven, sunken or cracked driveways, sidewalks, walkways and patios, so homeowners don’t have to replace them.

Joe’s journey—branching from the landscaping business into concrete leveling, into other markets—is a local success story for this Fairview Park High School grad.

In fact, this month he was informed by his foam supplier that his start-up company is currently the number one residential commercial lifting company in the country for quantity of polyurethane purchased.

More Than Just an Eyesore
Uneven or cracked driveways or walkways can look awful in comparison to the home they surround and can detract from its curb appeal and value.

Joe points out that many of their clients are as concerned about safety as they are esthetics, as shifting concrete can cause falls. It can also damage homes.

“Oftentimes when concrete leading up to a home’s edge is out of alignment, water can flow toward the home and lead to costly basement leaks and foundation issues,” says Joe.

The 150-year Invincibility of Polyurethane

Through tiny, dime-sized holes in the lowest level of concrete, technicians inject polyurethane foam slowly until the slab lifts to the desired level and has filled the voided areas. After it’s perfectly even, they patch the holes, which become nearly undetectable.

Most jobs take an hour or two to complete, and homeowners can immediately walk or drive on the area.

Using dime-sized holes instead of traditional golf ball-sized holes, Mr. Level injects two different substances under your concrete. The resulting reaction creates a powerful foam that gently lifts your concrete before hardening to create a permanent solution.

Since polyurethane is not affected by water, it doesn’t change its shape or form, lose density or break down over time like other materials do.

Most other companies perform another method called “mudjacking,” where they make bigger holes and inject a slurry of cement and soil under the concrete, which doesn’t spread as far under the slab as polyurethane and breaks down over time.

“Mudjacking only lasts a year or two, while polyurethane lasts about 150 years,” says Joe.

After a job, the technicians can caulk seams in your driveway to keep water from seeping in and undermining the concrete. They can grind areas of concrete to level them, due to issues such as tree roots forcing it upward.

Sometimes, a driveway or walkway is simply beyond repair, and Mr. Level has introduced a department to lay new concrete to meet that need.

Repairing and Protecting Break Walls
The advanced stabilizing technology that Mr. Level utilizes to revitalize driveways and sidewalks also has applications for saving and protecting break walls that have broken down or shifted due to being pounded by crashing waves.

“Whether it’s a home on the lake, creek, pond or retention area, we can easily repair them when they fail,” says Joe Work, president of Mr. Level. “We appreciate how much money people have invested in their break walls, so it’s a no-brainer for us to fix them rather than replace them.”

Instead of supporting the concrete on mud pillars that can erode, foam leveling fills the entire void.

His technicians fill voids between the concrete and soil to ensure the break wall does its job of reinforcement to prevent flooding and deter shore erosion.

“It’s cost-effective in the long run for people to have us conduct regular maintenance,” says Joe.

Treating the Customer Better
Joe is passionate about customer service and explains that educating the customer is an integral part of his process. He says his sales force does not work on commission. They are paid consultants who are transparent with each job.

“And as a reflection of our customer service, we offer a true lifetime warranty, backed by an insurance company,” says Joe. “Our competitors do not do this. If any part of a job fails—and it hardly ever does—we’re covered. We don’t mind coming right out to redo it.”

Headquartered in North Ridgeville, at 35522 Center Ridge Road, Mr. Level operates all over Northeast Ohio, for residential, commercial and municipal customers. The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, NARI, NCBIA and HBA. Financing options are available. Call 866-646-8129 or visit for more information.

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