Fig Leaf Coffee Company might just be roasting & pouring the world’s best coffee with premium beans sourced from across the globe

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Since Fig Leaf Coffee Company is a small operation, founder Tom Nemeth is always looking for farmers around the world to source his beans to roast right here in Chesterland. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Mary Malik

We’ve all noticed spiking prices on just about everything recently, and our daily coffee boost is no exception. Tom Nemeth, founder of Fig Leaf Coffee Company, a specialty coffee roaster in Chesterland, is roasting the finest quality, specialty beans he sources from all around the world. He sympathizes with the current plight of coffee growers.

“These small farms where we source our coffee are suffering,” says Tom. “Some of it is due to Covid-19 with supply issues, labor and production issues, but much of the problem is environmental.”

Tom says that issues like drought and leaf rust have devastated coffee crops worldwide.

“Drought is one issue, but too much rain can cause a fungus to occur known as leaf rust or coffee rust,” says Tom. “Once this spreads it will devastate crops. Farmers must wait, replant, and try again.”

Tom says farmers can spray chemicals to control leaf rust, but his growers will not sacrifice the quality and taste of their final product.

“We empathize with these farmers and we undoubtedly appreciate their commitment to preserving the quality of our coffee crops,” says Tom. “We are roasting daily at Fig Leaf. Because our farmers have refused to compromise the quality of their crops, we’re producing the highest quality beans for our customers.”

Since Fig Leaf Coffee is a small operation, Tom is always looking for farmers around the world to source his beans to roast right here in Chesterland, a passion of his since he discovered the art, started experimenting in his garage, and educated himself on the process.

“I love coffee but working in the financial industry I was tired of the bad office coffee I was drinking every day,” says Tom. “After roasting my own beans at home, I decided to take the leap and open my own business so I could supply consumers with the highest quality, responsibly sourced coffee in the world.”

Fig Leaf Coffee Company products recently have become fair trade certified, a distinction Tom Nemeth has worked hard to achieve.

Fig Leaf products have recently become fair trade certified, a distinction Tom has worked hard to achieve.

“As consumers, when we buy our products, we often don’t think about the people who make them,” says Tom. “How were they treated? What materials were used in the production process? How was the farmland treated? Fair trade certification ensures that the products are created ethically, and the farmers are treated fairly. We seek out fair trade products whenever we can.”

Tom believes in the fair-trade certification because it not only helps his suppliers, the farmers who have become friends, but also ensures the highest quality of his products.

“When the people and the land are treated well, we get a better product,” says Tom.

Tom is passionate about his business and recently hired two more equally passionate employees to help him spread the word about Fig Leaf, educate customers on the sourcing and roasting process, and stay organized.

“Jim and Kris believe in what we’re doing here and allow me the time to focus on what I truly love and that is the roasting process,” says Tom.

Along with one-of-a-kind coffee, Fig Leaf Coffee Company also carries Chemex brewing equipment, Technivorm drip coffee machines and many more items that make great gifts for the coffee lover in your life.

“We create an experience,” says Tom. “We love getting to know our customers and sharing our knowledge and passion for all things coffee.”

Fig Leaf Coffee Company is located at 12628 Chillicothe Road in Chesterland. For more information, call 216-645-6167, email, or check the website to order online.