Exclusively at Next to Me in Mentor, famed handbag designer Timmy Woods will be onsite to autograph her wildly popular pieces

Timmy Woods Headshot 1022
Timmy Woods is coming to Cleveland next month for a handbag signing event at Next to Me in Mentor, the only place in the area that carries her gorgeous, ultra-exclusive bags.

By Patricia Nugent

Custom made. Limited edition. Collectible. Handcrafted. One of a kind. All words to describe the ethos of Timmy Woods’ designer handbags. Her pieces have graced the wrists of celebrities walking the red carpets at the Academy Awards and Emmys as well as television shows such as Sex in the City. Sarah Jessica Parker chose the Swarovski-crystal studded Tour D’Eiffel bag for the show’s opening scene.

Timmy is coming to Cleveland next month for a handbag signing event at Next to Me in Mentor, the only place in the area that carries her gorgeous, ultra-exclusive bags.

“I’ve known Timmy for ages and am thrilled that she can come here from Beverly Hills for this charitable event,” says Mary B. Wood, who owns the intimate apparel shop. “I’ve designated the Jimmy Malone Scholarship Fund to receive a portion of the monies raised during our two-day event. It has always been a favorite for me since it helps local kids in need go to college.”

A renowned bra-fitting expert, Mary has earned a reputation for the lost skill of fitting both regular and surgical types, in any size, for all ages and stages in life.

One of only a handful of experts, she’s attracted customers from all over the country and internationally. The shop offers a wide variety of specialty bras—padded, strapless, underwire, soft cup, maternity, bustier, mastectomy bras and breast forms—as well as body shapers, resort wear and accessories.

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A Bag for Every Budget
“I believe everyone should be able to own something that’s one of a kind just for them,” says Timmy. “I offer a variety of Vegan Leather bags starting at around $79 for crossbody styles and go up to the Crystallized Collection, which features the Tour D’Eiffel, that costs $4,750, and includes more than 9,000 dazzling crystals.”

It takes about six weeks to create each bag, which starts with a base of individually hand-carved acacia wood.

“My bags tell their own story, each has its own personality,” says Timmy. “It’s hard to pick a favorite, but since I love music, I’d say the Heifetz Piano II bag is dear to my heart. This hand-painted body of black lacquer depicts a miniature piano with a full keyboard and musical notes.”

Buy new or bring in a bag you already own. Proceeds from Next to Me’s Timmy Woods event will benefit the Jimmy Malone Scholarship fund. Pictured is Queen of Hearts.

During the event, she’ll also be introducing her new collection, which includes intricate Santa handbags, snowman figurines and delightful styles that resemble wrapped presents. Another collection that’s become a must-have of stylish ladies on the west coast are Timmy’s chic black and stone-washed denim jackets with decorative vintage silk screening on the back.

“With just a hint of stretch, these jackets offer loads of comfort with plenty of glamour, too,” she says. “The vintage Paris style, featuring my favorite, Eiffel Tower, is a best-seller.”

“Especially heading into the holidays, it’s important to give back and remember what we’re doing here,” says Timmy. “I love the fact that Mary always thinks of others first and cares so much about people in her community. She’s an absolute angel.”

Next to Me is located at 8920 Mentor Avenue, Suite E, in Mentor. Call 440-974-0900 or visit NexttoMeIntimateApparel.com for more information. To view Timmy’s collections, visit TimmyWoods.com.