Exactly’s team of top agents is helping sellers net more profit when they’re ready to make a move

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Meet the Exactly team. Pictured here in the new Fairlawn office, from left: Kevin Wasie, founder; Ben Walkley, co-owner; Dustin Ivey, real estate agent; Monica Albright, accounting; and Nathan Ray, real estate agent. (Photography: Francis Angelone)

By Laura Briedis

Since it was founded in 2018, Exactly has been on the grow, thanks to its innovative real estate business model, and in part to the more than a hundred Mimi magazine readers who have sold their homes with this local real estate firm after reading about its flat-rate fee savings.

Instead of paying the usual real estate commission based on a percentage of the sale, homeowners pay a $4,800 fee when selling their homes. And Exactly handles everything from providing an in-depth comparative market analysis to creating a marketing plan to negotiating the final deal.

“I believe flat-fee pricing is a more fair process,” says Kevin Wasie, company founder. “Selling a home that is worth $500,000 takes the same amount of work as selling a $200,000 home, so I don’t think it is fair to charge so much more commission. Every home we sell goes through the same standardized process and our services are all-inclusive.”

The company has grown exponentially in the past five years from people realizing such a huge cost savings. “Homeowners who hire us are those who have nice homes and have invested in them and don't want to give away their equity to a real estate agent, as well as those who are downsizing and want to keep more of their profit,” notes Kevin. “The single thread that flows through all these is people value having a professional real estate agent but don't want to pay high commission.”

As the company has grown so has its staff. Ben Walkley, who has been in the real estate industry for 20-plus years, is now co-owner. With experience owning and selling a title company and working on 10,000-plus transactions, Ben is a real estate investor and brings a unique perspective to selling homes and working on behalf of Exactly clients in their negotiations. Also on staff are real estate agents Nathan Ray, who handles all the showings and buyer coordination, and Dustin Ivey, who handles contracts and transaction management. Monica Albright spearheads the accounting department.

“When you hire Exactly, you have a team working for you,” says Kevin, noting the company has moved into larger offices in Fairlawn at the intersection of Route 18 (Market Street) and Miller Road. “And you are paying less commission and saving thousands of dollars, but still getting an awesome experience.”

“We have been in Mimi magazine since we started our company and have grown over the last five years thanks to many readers whose homes we have sold from as far west as Avon stretching east to Mentor and down south to Akron,” says Kevin. “We are still in a seller’s market, so now is the best time to sell. The summer months are always the ideal time to sell your home.”

Making Your Home Stand Out
As part of its marketing services, Exactly’s photographer will put your home in the best light. This award-winning photography includes drone photos and HDR photography.

With a drone, you get a superior view of the home’s exterior and a better perspective of the home in relation to its surroundings and the overall neighborhood.

And HDR (high dynamic range) photography produces amazing shots in high-contrast areas, which is especially advantageous when showcasing the view through the windows to show off the backyard.

All professional photography is included in Exactly’s $4,800 flat-fee package.

To list your house or for more information, call 330-615-1414 or visit ExactlyUSA.com. Exactly Real Estate has moved into new offices at 2998 West Market Street in Fairlawn.