Dr. Russell Caputo of Bellissimi Dental is an expert at creating beautiful smiles

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Giving back at the Medworks charity event­—to offer free dental care—has always been important to Bellissimi Dental’s Dr. Russell Caputo (second from left) and staff. (Photography: Adrienne Rose)

By Patricia Nugent

With a name that means “beautiful” in Italian, it only makes sense that Dr. Russell Caputo of Bellissimi Dental in Brunswick specializes in restorative dentistry, reconstructing teeth to emulate their natural biomechanical function and natural esthetic form.

The appreciation for beauty is evident in the boutique practice’s luxurious furnishings, sophisticated wall art, deep gray polished trim and French glass doors.

Hybrid Implant Restorations
“I tap into the artistic side of dentistry,” says Dr. Caputo. “Though implants have been around for decades, the advancements in digital technology over the past three to four years have been a game-changer to how precisely we can create a new smile for the patient. I use a CBCT scan and 3D printer to create surgical guides for treatment.”

For people who are missing several teeth, or need whole-mouth rehabilitation, Dr. Caputo specializes in a hybrid procedure called implant supported dentures.

All steps of dental implants are performed at the practice by Dr. Caputo, from tooth extractions to the surgery, to placement of temporary teeth, the titanium post fuses with the jawbone, then placement of permanent teeth.

“It’s not advised to let missing teeth go,” he says. “Doing that could cause bone loss and loss of additional teeth, as they lose their support.”

Implant supported dentures are dissimilar to traditional dentures in that they act more like real teeth, providing the ability to eat and speak without slipping, plus there’s no messy dental adhesives. With this heightened level of precision, the implants should last a lifetime.

For people who are missing several teeth, or need whole mouth rehabilitation, Dr. Russell Caputo of Bellissimi Dental specializes in a hybrid procedure called implant supported dentures.

Exactly Like Natural Ones
“We spend time in the planning stages to design teeth that look exactly like natural ones,” he says, noting that an estimated 65 million people in the U.S. are opting for dentures. “In addition to general dentistry, I perform one or two consultations per week for these procedures, which puts us in the top 10% of dentists in the Cleveland area. I think people let their teeth go most often because of fear, because they had a traumatic experience in their youth. Another reason is they are older and don’t want to spend the money on themselves, which is sad, because the problems associated with tooth loss accelerate over time.”

Bellissimi Dental is equipped with advanced digital technology like the Orthophos.

Leadership and Giving Back
Dr. Caputo grew up in Pennsylvania and came to Ohio 18 years ago to start his practice. As an ambitious entrepreneur, he grew his business and was at one time operating nine dental practices. Now he’s concentrating on the Brunswick practice, and another in Aurora.

His enthusiastic five-star reviews paint a picture of the level of trust he builds with patients.

“Dr. Caputo and his staff have been professional, gracious, shown empathy and are extremely personable. It’s a comfort coming to a practice where you feel like everyone is there to help you through what could be an uncomfortable situation. They are involved in the community and are a great addition and asset to our city, providing the best dental care around,” says Connie S. of Brunswick.

Giving back has always been important to Dr. Caputo. For years he’s volunteered at the Medworks charity events in downtown Cleveland to offer free dental care to those in need.

“I encourage my staff to join the effort,” he says. “It’s nice to lend your expertise where it is so valued. These folks are beyond thankful.”

Bellissimi Dental is located at 3915 Center Road in Brunswick. Dr. Russell Caputo is currently accepting new patients. Call 330-741-3334 or visitBellissimiDental.com for more information.