Dr. Nigel Brayer, of Living Tree Center for Healing, has introduced a groundbreaking new way to treat female urinary incontinence

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Dr. Nigel Brayer’s program to treat female urinary incontinence includes acupuncture to balance and coordinate the nervous system and the messages that run between the brain and bladder, virtually hitting the reset button on the organ and muscle function that controls urine flow.

By Patricia Nugent

For about one in five postmenopausal women, the simple act of coughing, sneezing or laughing could mean embarrassing urine leakage.

Several years ago, Dr. Nigel Brayer, director and founder of Living Tree Center for Healing, became all too familiar with this statistic when he noticed how many patients listed urinary incontinence on their intake forms when coming in for other medical issues. But the statistic that’s even sadder is that only 12 percent of the women affected actually sought help from their healthcare providers for the condition.

“I decided to do the research and developed a unique protocol for the treatment that includes layers of targeted acupuncture, exercises and behavioral modifications,” he says, noting that in addition to women over 40, women who have recently given birth and those who exercise often are also affected. “It has become over 90 percent effective in improving leakage. Of the other conventional treatments, including surgery and medication, which can have side effects, or simply wearing pads every day, which is costly, and no one wants to smell like urine, I went to the root causes of the issue.”

Bladder Ninja Training
The cornerstone of the new protocol is a book he wrote titled, “Excuse me Ladies! By Chance Do You Pee Your Pants? How to Resolve this embarrassing phenomenon that nobody wants to talk about, naturally.”

The book takes an often-funny tone to make the sticky subject more approachable for women. (Don’t miss Chapter 7 on Advanced Iron Clad Blad(der) Ninja Training.) Part of the protocol, which can take several weeks depending on the severity of the incontinence issues, includes helpful daily journaling, which addresses behavioral aspects, including exercises, hydration and nutrition. Dr. Brayer has even created a new exercise called the Squagel which incorporates the latest research on mind body coordination of the bladder.

“My goal is to offer women who have been suffering with the stigma, social isolation and insecurity of wearing pads every day a safe, natural and highly effective treatment,” he adds. “The ultimate goal of this form of acupuncture is to balance and coordinate the nervous system and the messages that run between the brain and bladder, virtually hitting the reset button on the organ’s valve function that controls urine flow.”

What His Patients Are Saying
“Life-changing” is a term that often appears in the testimonials from women who have been treated by Dr. Brayer for incontinence issues. Not surprisingly, word of mouth has spread and the number of women seeking help has surged. Here’s one success story from S.F. What had begun as a mild urge in frequency was tolerable, until it snuck up on her.

“It evolved to having to urinate every 15 minutes,” she says. “It was at that point I realized how small my world had become. I wasn’t able to travel. It was extremely disruptive to my work. I never left the house to work out. I couldn’t even run errands without a strategy.”

After seeing a urologist and undergoing testing, she went on medication, which did not work, and was considering invasive surgery when she found out about Dr. Brayer’s treatment, which she followed and found successful.

“Now I live a normal lifestyle,” she says. “I still know where every restroom is in my town, but I no longer carry an extra pair of clothes, and I’m back to running and working out with my family.”

Living Tree Center for Healing is located at 11443 State Road in North Royalton. Call 440-877-9440 or visit LivingTreeCenterforHealing.com to find out more about Dr. Nigel Brayer’s ground-breaking treatment protocol for urinary incontinence.