Create a healthcare coverage retirement plan that fits your needs

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By Mike Felice, HealthMarkets Insurance Agency

When it comes to retirement, many people have a carefully constructed financial plan solidly in place. They’re able to move on to this next stage of life confidently, knowing the funds they need to support themselves are enough to take them into their golden years. They’ve likely met with a financial planner, who, tapping into his or her expertise, helped to determine how much money socked away in savings and investments will be needed.

I’d like to suggest that healthcare coverage receive the same thoughtful attention.

Making a decision about the future of your healthcare coverage can be important to ensure you not only have the right amount, but also the correct coverage to match your new lifestyle.

Will you be traveling? Are you taking a part-time job? Are you going to while away those newfound hours of the day in your home garden, or are you taking up the extreme sport you’ve always longed to embrace?

Some people opt to retire and take Cobra coverage from their employer, thinking a continuation of the benefits they enjoyed while employed is the best route. What they may not understand is the implications this could have on their Medicare option.

Just as you would sit down with a financial planner before retiring, I feel it’s valuable to meet with a licensed insurance agent like me to create a healthcare coverage retirement plan. Give me a call for a no-charge review. I’m here to help you position yourself for success.

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