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The one thing virtually every business owner has been forced to do recently due to Covid-19 is communicate these changes to their customers.

By Jim Marshall, Mimi's VP for Digital Sales and Fulfillment

The current Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted nearly every business in one capacity or another. Some have been asked to work remotely, others have been forced to shut down temporarily, and some have been forced to alter their business practices and procedures in order to remain open and serve the public.

The one thing virtually every business owner has been forced to do recently is communicate these changes to their customers.

As you drive past businesses, you’ll see signs posted in nearly every window attempting to accomplish this task. But if you’re a business owner, how should you communicate these changes to your digital audience—those who aren’t driving past your physical location?

Posting a message on your website is a start, but just Google your business name and you’ll see lots of other web content related to your company that needs updating, too, including your Google My Business listing, along with many directory listings like Yelp, Trip Advisor, and more. In order to properly manage all of these “digital storefronts,” you’d have to print virtual signs and run around to these 70+ digital locations and tape each of them up. Then run around and change them each time that message changes.

There is a better way.

As soon as announcements were made forcing businesses to make changes, Mimi reached out to our Local Search clients and helped them compose and post appropriate alternative messages related to Covid-19 and the stay-at-home order—instantly. We also created a custom graphic to make sure their posts stood out on these 70+ directory listings.

With Mimi’s Local Search management solution, we handle all the heavy lifting for you. And as things evolve—and your message, procedures or store hours change—we can help you instantly communicate those changes, too.

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