Best left to the pros, here’s how Painting Solutions expertly tackles interior and exterior transformations

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Next year, the exterior of your home could be the envy of the neighborhood. Be among the first to secure a spot on Painting Solutions’ spring schedule. (AFTER PHOTO)

By Mary Malik

Did you get around to that deck cleaning and staining, or ever paint or stain the house like you planned this summer? The summer months get away from all of us, and before we know it we’re getting the kids back to school and planning for the holidays. What is it that Ferris Buehler says? “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.”

If you have stopped, looked around, and didn’t like what you saw, get on the fall indoor painting schedule or be first on the list for your deck or house painting project next spring with Painting Solutions.

“If your deck or house staining project slipped your mind, we’re pre-booking for next spring,” owner Dan Peck says. “For interior painting, get on the fall and winter schedule now.”


Painting Solutions has built a good business doing things that people could try to do themselves. But as Dan likes to joke, “I could cut my own hair, too, but I choose to leave it to the experts.” The same is true for cleaning and staining the deck and painting the house, both inside and out.

Dan Peck, owner of Painting Solutions (pictured with his adorable daughters).

“These are projects you can try and tackle on your own, but it most often turns into something much bigger than you expected,” Dan says. “Cleaning and staining the deck or siding of your home involves a few steps that if they aren’t done properly can cause a real mess. Interior paint jobs are the same. How hard can it be, right? Well, it might not be hard, but it is labor intensive and requires the proper steps to get the result you’re looking for.”

For example, Dan has seen the damage that can be done to cedar siding and decks by a well-meaning power wash that will damage the surface, leaving cracks that cause even more problems.

Painting Solutions is now pre-booking outdoor projects for next spring.

“A professional, gentle cleaning gets rid of debris the right way,” Dan explains. “Spraying and back brushing the surface is the proper way to maintain cedar.”

For indoor work, Dan’s crew prefers scheduling in the winter because they have the time it takes for the kind of job they do. Interior painting is extremely detail oriented and the preparation of walls, woodwork and other surfaces in your home takes time. Have you ever painted a room yourself and wondered why it doesn’t look quite the same as when the professionals do the job? Dan says preparation is the answer to that question.

Update the interior of your home in time for the holidays. Painting Solutions is scheduling now for fall transformations.

“There’s a lot of work done before we ever pick up a paintbrush,” Dan says. “Repairing walls, sanding and smoothing the surfaces all make for a beautiful and lasting result. And we are experts at all the techniques that get those clean lines and smooth-as-glass finish. We’ve perfected our processes for paint and stain both inside and outside of your home, with the latest-technology paint and prep products to keep dust and smells to a minimum and provide the best possible outcome.”

No matter what job Painting Solutions is doing, you can be certain it is doing it the right way. So, look around and see if your home needs a pre-holiday refresher that only a professional paint job can offer, or a deck stain or exterior paint job next spring. Painting Solutions will take good care of you and your home.

To get on the schedule now or next spring, call Painting Solutions at 440-342-4552, email or check the website

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