At Dr. Danielle Shaper’s Finesse Footcare, patients are experiencing dramatic relief from foot pain with radial shockwave therapy

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With radial shockwave therapy from Finesse Footcare, there is no downtime. Patients can leave the office and go about their day. Most patients feel immediate relief after the first treatment, and then lasting relief after three to five weekly treatment. (Photography: Adrienne Rose)

By Patricia Nugent

Radial shockwave therapy is one of the advanced treatments podiatrist Dr. Danielle Shaper has helped introduce to the Cleveland area at her Finesse Footcare. It works in sync with the body’s own natural healing processes to encourage tissue regeneration.

The science behind the breakthrough modality is this: A handheld wand uses compressed air, or electromagnetic force, to accelerate a projectile within the device, which transfers its energy upon impact, applying it to soft tissue. It heals inflamed tissue by increasing circulation on a cellular level and boosting the immune system’s response.

Sports Injuries Heal Faster
According to a recent issue of Podiatry Today, shockwave therapy is also playing a role in the arena of sports medicine, helping athletes heal faster and better.

“The use of shockwave therapy has increased in the orthopedic world, particularly in the lower extremities, where there is FDA approval for plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis” the story states, adding it can “give patients a jump-start when coming back from injuries.”

Dr. Shaper says since she introduced shockwave therapy to her practice in 2020, she’s been pleased with the results.

“The Achilles tendon in particular is a part of the body that receives little blood supply, so being able to penetrate deeply within it is a key advantage to treatment,” she explains. “This is also an area where you cannot use injections, so before shockwave, we doctors were pretty limited in ways to treat it, usually having to opt for surgery.”

The non-invasive radial shockwave therapy from Dr. Danielle Shaper’s Finesse Footcare is a terrific fit for virtually anyone experiencing foot pain, particularly those suffering from Achilles tendon issues.

Treatment That Works
Although there is some mild discomfort during the 10-minute shockwave treatments, Dr. Shaper reports it’s minimal and does not warrant use of anesthesia.

During a session, she slowly moves the device over the affected are while interfacing with a touchscreen monitor that pinpoints and displays the amount of energy transfer.

There’s no downtime. Patients can leave the office and go about their day. Most patients feel immediate relief after the first treatment, and then lasting relief after three to five weekly treatments. It’s a great fit for virtually anyone.

“We’ve found the therapy treats much more than just heel pain, as it addresses inflammation where it starts, deep in the cells of tissues,” she says.

What Patients are Saying
“Heel pain, tendinitis, ankle sprains and Achilles tendon pain can range from mildly annoying to excruciating,” says Dr. Shaper.

One classic example is Carolyn A., who had suffered from stabbing heel pain for about 15 years. She had tried everything from steroid injections to massage, anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy, yet the pain only worsened. When she heard about shockwave, she googled doctors in the Cleveland area who offered it, and Dr. Shaper’s name came up first.

“After just one treatment, the pain went away,” she says. “I’ve never felt better.”

According to Karen C., who works in health care, “I called their office as a new patient. I was experiencing severe foot pain. They squeezed me in the same day. Dr. Shaper went above and beyond treating me and explaining everything. The ladies who work in the office with her are absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend Dr. Shaper again and again.”

Since she’s seen such encouraging outcomes on almost every patient who has undergone shockwave therapy, Dr. Shaper says she hopes people in pain come see her: “There’s no need for anyone to go on suffering if I can make it get better.”

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