Amy Hoes and her The Showcase Home Group continue to lead the Northeast Ohio real estate market by giving clients more

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Amy and her husband Kurt are parents to Atalie and Bryan, who have literally grown up in the business, helping out over the years in key support roles such as photography and administration. This next generation is now working on earning real estate licenses. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Patricia Nugent

In the spirit of “who you are is what you do,” the Amy Hoes Group at

eXp Realty has recently changed its name, rebranding as The Showcase Home Group.

“This is a more accurate representation of who we are,” says founder and longtime Medina-based realtor Amy Hoes. “Our mission is to showcase every home we represent on the market in its best possible light, craft a smart marketing strategy to attract serious buyers, and, once the offer is on the table, negotiate for the top price and most favorable terms. We leverage every opportunity to showcase a home.”

Nothing Succeeds Like Success
While the rest of Northeast Ohio settled in for the big chill last December, Amy and her team were on fire, recording their busiest December ever. She reports they are on track to sell more than 200 homes this year.

To what does she attribute this level of success?
“We keep growing and welcoming new agents who are seasoned in the market,” she says. “Consistently adding new talent to our team helps us better serve buyers and sellers in Medina County and beyond. Our diverse group of agents gives us a wealth of industry experience and knowledge, and the newer agents are incredibly driven with a lot of enthusiasm.”

With the team on a roll, Amy reports the future includes an expansion into southwest Florida.

“There’s been interest from our clients looking for investment properties, second homes and retirement homes in this hot market,” she says. “We want to serve those clients who have already put their trust in us, as well as anyone else. I’m currently working on obtaining my Florida license and hope to expand sometime later this year or early 2025.”

Early Access to Market Fluctuation Indicators
“We were one of the first to establish a partnership with Zillow, which attracts three times the traffic of any competitor,” she says. “It’s the busiest real estate site in the world, and we saw early on how important it was to work together. We saw this as a great way to put us in touch with more buyers and sellers in our area, as well as stay ahead of data indicators in real time about the subtle shifts in the market.”

Will Interest Rates Drop this Year?
This is the question Amy is repeatedly asked from would-be buyers and sellers. “The forecast is ‘probably,’ but it will only be a slight drop, and that’s only a prediction,” she says. “The bottom line is that the best time to sell your home has always been when it’s the right time for you, whether that means downsizing for empty-nesters or moving into a bigger home to accommodate growing families. You can always refinance down the road if there’s a significant fluctuation in rates.”

The best time to sell your home has always been when it’s the right time for you. The Showcase Home Group at eXp Realty can help you make the sale.

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far
Amy and her husband Kurt, who helps with her numbers and reports, are parents to Atalie and Bryan, who have literally grown up in the business, helping out over the years in key support roles such as photography and administration.

“We could not be any prouder they now have the desire to join the group by taking classes to earn their own real estate licenses,” says Amy. “It’s wonderful to see them inspired to join the business and industry in a full-fledged capacity. This is our legacy.”

Amy Hoes’ eXp Realty office is located in Medina. You can call or text Amy directly at 330-416-1597, email, or visit to find out more. Wonder what your home is worth in this seller’s market? Just give Amy a call and she’ll pop over to discuss its potential and give you a free market analysis.

The Transaction Technology Advantage
Amy and Kurt Hoes note that eXp Realty is consistently rated the fastest-growing real estate company in the world—and for good reason.

They say the innovative, forward-thinking technology offered by the company is a perfect fit with their values.

“This cutting-edge, solutions-oriented technology is open to clients and agents 24/7 online,” says Amy. “What unlimited operational flexibility means for the homeowner is an environment of seamless integration that moves quickly and efficiently. In a word, we are nimble.”

The eXp business model is internet/cloud-based, so the team works in concert in a fast-paced and streamlined digital environment.

“We don’t have unnecessary offices with agents sitting around drinking coffee,” she says. “That’s the old model of selling real estate.”

Everyone on the team is an expert in their specific job role.

“While people will only deal with one person throughout their experience with us, there’s a team of experts working behind the scenes to process the elements that go into a successful, profitable sale, from photographers and inspectors to transaction coordinators,” she adds. “We offer everything in-house, including lenders, which makes everything run smoothly. Every home we sell receives perks like a 3-D tour and floorplans, professional photography including drone shots, as well as customized marketing strategies that put it in front of the eyes of a select group of potential buyers.”