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Remote mics boost hearing

When it comes to the quality of your hearing, environment makes a significant impact. For example, take a class I went to with my dog, Ruby. My family and I rescued this cute little ball of puppy energy last summer. The room the classes took place in was large, with lots of sound reverberating, and, as you can imagine, plenty of barking...

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Hearing loss and dementia

Hearing is an important part of life and there are many risks of untreated hearing loss, including social isolation, depression, job-related issues, relationship struggles, imbalance, and now even earlier onset dementia. However, recent research shows the risks of dementia are lower for hearing aid users. It is never too early to get a...

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Is ear wax really bad for you?

People usually consider ear wax to be an icky, unsightly bodily secretion they are quick to get rid of. In reality, this protective, hardworking unsung hero serves several beneficial functions to your ears. It traps stray dirt, dust and debris from entering your ear canal. The anti-microbial chemical composition of ear wax is slightly acidic,...

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Pay attention to family

With the holidays here, we look forward to gathering with family and friends we might not often see during the year. I hope people use this as a time to detect signs of hearing loss from those who might be around their table, especially older folks. Since losing your hearing can be a very gradual process, many people might not realize...

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The treatment for tinnitus

At some point in their lives, about one in five people will experience tinnitus. This perceived noise in the ears that doesn’t correspond to an external sound can be related to hearing loss or other issues such as noise exposure, high blood pressure, earwax buildup or certain medications. Tinnitus is sometimes the brain’s way of...

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