After taking her talents to eXp Realty earlier this year, top real estate agent Amy Hoes is positioned to help even more buyers and sellers make their own move

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Amy Hoes, now with eXp Realty, continues to lead in Medina County with an increase in home sales figures, improved technology offerings and a growing team. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Patricia Nugent

After taking her talents to eXp Realty earlier this year, top-producing real estate agent Amy Hoes has moved full steam ahead.

Her husband, Kurt, who helps with her stats and reports, says in the last year Amy has grown her raw home sales figures by 15%, at a time where the number of home sales in Medina County was actually down 10%.

“We’ve always run our operation by looking forward to better, faster, more efficient ways of doing things,” says Amy. “eXp is definitely on the cutting edge that we feel mirrors our business model. It’s a tech-savvy company that stays ahead of emerging trends.”

The Medina Market is Still Hot
“The crazy sellers’ market we’ve seen the past couple years has cooled slightly,” says Amy. “The average list prices are coming down a little from what they were. And houses are staying on the market for an average of 30 days, which is very healthy.”

Looking ahead to 2023, she feels housing values will remain quite strong.

Amy became a real estate agent in 2007, right before the housing recession of 2008, so she’s adept at proactively navigating through market constraints, evaluating indicators and predicting what will happen.

“When people ask me if we are heading back to a housing recession again, I tell them no,” she says. “That period was fueled by mortgage lending, and that’s not what is happening now.”

Low Housing Inventory
One of the industries that will be affected by the recent rise in interest rates is new home construction.

“Looking ahead, we will probably not be seeing lots of new developments going on in Medina County,” she adds. “And the number of homes coming on the market will remain low. For sellers, this means that now is still an excellent time to put your home up for sale.”

Atalie Hoes, who is a student at Bowling Green State University, helps out with marketing when she’s home.

Another positive factor for people to consider in their decision-making is that Cleveland is a wonderful place for those looking to relocate from other regions in the country.

“More and more people are able to work remotely and can live anywhere while still doing the same job,” she explains. “There are so many positives here. You get a lot of house for the money, our taxes are reasonable, we have inviting community amenities and we have homes with generous-sized lots. Wherever you live, you’re a five-minute drive to an apple orchard in the countryside.”

The Leading Edge
Amy says eXp Realty was an easy choice for them after they researched real estate firms across the country.

“I feel that my success is largely based on being on the leading edge, for instance being the first to offer authorized drone photography and 3D tours, as well as to partner with Zillow,” she says. “Outproducing others in Medina means streamlining the technology of communication and being the best at marketing our homes on social media.”

eXp Realty has all the tech tools in place to facilitate a more modern and successful relationship with clients.

“Automated intelligence is the way of the future,” says Amy. “The process moves so much faster, which ultimately benefits the client. Timing is everything in this business, with deals coming in quickly. Inquiries are instantly responded to.”

A Well-Rounded Team
Amy is always on the lookout for top agents to join her team, which is currently the biggest it’s ever been.

Amy Hoes’ (center, in pink blouse) current real estate team is assembled with industry veterans and seasoned professionals who are local, including Allison Schaffner-Cassidy, Traci Taylor , Ellen Chaney, Jessica Omerza, Kate Vega, Kellyann Miller, Heather Kelps, Sara Deiters, Sara Medrick and Nicole Benetto.

“We feel blessed to have put together a cohesive group that shares our values when it comes to customer service,” she says. “To the client, that means a depth of resources and increased accessibility. In terms of strategizing the best way to sell a home, we are constantly bouncing ideas off each other and people benefit from that perspective.”

Her current team is stacked with industry veterans and seasoned professionals who are local, including Allison Schaffner-Cassidy, Ellen Chaney, Heather Kelps, Jessica Omerza, Kate Vega, Kellyann Miller, Nicole Benetto, Sara Deiters, Sara Medrick and Traci Taylor.

“A central role for us is to take an often-stressful process and make it streamlined and simple for busy clients,” says Amy. “We take pride in highly personalized operations and educating people about what will happen every step of the way.”

Along with their team, Amy and Kurt have always been involved in Medina’s schools, sports teams and local charities.

“Simply put: We give where we live,” she says. “We treat our clients like neighbors because in most cases, they are.”

Their children are part of the team, too. Daughter Atalie, who is a student at Bowling Green State University, helps out with marketing when she’s home, and son Bryan, who is a junior at Medina High School, owns several companies including aerial photography, car detailing and vinyl wraps.

Amy Hoes’ eXp Realty office is located in Medina. You can call or text Amy directly at 330-416-1597, email, or visit to find out more. Wonder what your home is worth in this sellers’ market? Just give Amy a call and she’ll pop over to discuss its potential and give you a free market analysis.