AcuLaser Treatment Centre can help you to let go of the habits that are impacting your health

Aculaser Photo Feb 2021
Luciana McCartney, owner of AcuLaser Treatment Centre, offers holistic therapy for combating sugar cravings and relieving stress.

By Laura Briedis

Luciana McCartney, owner of AcuLaser Treatment Centre, is so confident laser therapy can help anyone quit smoking, if you are struggling after just one treatment, she offers free follow-ups for life.

Though, for most clients, it usually only takes one treatment. “I can’t believe that after 32 years, I no longer smoke. I never thought I would see the day,” says Mike, a Cleveland resident who quit last January. “I walked in a smoker and left a non-smoker who never looked back. No cravings, no withdrawal.”

“It was almost too good to be true,” he adds. “My wife was so amazed that she came in two months later for the sugar program. Now she doesn’t eat sugar, lost 25 pounds and feels great. It has changed our lives, even at our age.”

Mike and Sandy are just two of the hundreds of Northeast Ohioans who now live healthier lifestyles thanks to AcuLaser.

Based on the ancient art of acupuncture but without the needles, laser therapy—which is safe, painless, effective and approved by the FDA—relies on a cold, low-level laser that’s applied to certain pressure points on the body.

“Our holistically designed programs relieve physical addiction through laser therapy without using drugs,” Luciana explains. “We not only detox the body from nicotine and sugar using a laser, but we also teach behavior modification—addressing both the physical and the mental aspects of addiction.”

AcuLaser Treatment Centre also offers low-level laser therapy to help people block nicotine cravings and return to a healthier lifestyle

Stop Smoking
For those addicted to nicotine, whether it’s cigarettes, chewing tobacco or nicotine replacement products, a 45-minute session can break you of the habit. How does it work? Clients are seated in a comfortable recliner while a trained technician applies a low-level laser to pressure points along your outer ear and other areas of the body that correspond to your treatment.

“We stimulate the pressure points that are related to addiction, detoxification, stress, cravings and withdrawal symptoms,” explains Luciana, who is the clinical director of the Broadview Heights center.

Usually only one session is required. But for those who might be struggling, follow-up sessions are available at no additional cost.

“We do everything possible to help clients maintain healthy lifestyles, so we offer free ‘boosters’ if needed—for life,” Luciana says. “There is no reason anyone should fail.”

Eat Healthy
AcuLaser also boasts similar healthy results for those looking to lose weight. This 90-day weight control plan consists of three laser therapy sessions that focus on acupuncture points to stimulate the body’s metabolic rate and suppress the food cravings. It also includes a seven-day sugar detox to help clients eliminate soda and sweets from their diet, and patented general wellness patches that provide numerous health benefits.

“The program is based on an all-natural focus on weight health, where the laser adds energy to pressure points and you add nutrition to the body by following a clean eating regimen,” says Luciana.

“It’s important to understand that although laser treatments can set you on the path to weight loss, it is a steppingstone to reaching your goals,” she adds.

Don’t Get Stressed
AcuLaser has also added a Stress Management program that aids in decreasing the symptoms and side effects of stress.

Through the stimulation of acupressure points with lasers, the body releases endorphins and lowers cortisol levels, which results in relaxation and calming of the central nervous system.

“Stress is toxic, just like a cigarette or sugar,” says Luciana. “We all have stress so the key is to manage how the body reacts to it.”

“The laser treatment cannot get rid of the stress, but it softens the landing of stress so we don’t crash,” she adds. “This way you don’t feel so anxious, nervous, angry or stress eat.”

AcuLaser Treatment Centre is located at 7000 Fitzwater Road, Suite 230, in Brecksville. For an appointment, call 440-740-1020. For more information, visit